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   Chapter 1294 Extra Story 49 Of Edgar Scare

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6250

Updated: 2019-09-14 00:13

After leaving the communication company, Maggie went back to her dormitory with a lighter heart. The four students, including herself, were accommodated in double rooms. She and Edith were in the same room. Edith had gone out with Jake early in the morning. Maggie didn't know where they had gone off to or what they were doing. She wondered if they were involved romantically. However, she wasn't in the mood to care about others' relationships. She had her own affairs to take care of. She went back to sleep in a pretty good mood. She didn't get up until noon. She went to the dining hall to have lunch along with Cathy.

"Madam," Maggie called. After looking around to make sure that there was nobody else close enough to hear her, she said mysteriously, "I have decided to go ahead."

Cathy was dazed for a moment before she realized what Maggie was talking about. In an instant, her eyes widened. She asked to confirm, "Are you sure?"

With a serious nod, Maggie answered, "I don't think I should just let it be. My internship here will come to an end in another two months. I will have to go back to the college to work on my thesis and the internship report. I will likely be very busy and I won't be able to care about anything else. Besides, you seldom have any vacation during the New Year. It is not easy for me to enter the Eagle Special Brigade again to see him. Even if I could manage to enter, I would have to leave soon because I don't have a valid reason to stay here."

"Wow. You're so farsighted!" Cathy praised her with a smile, pursing her lips to refrain herself from laughing out loud.

Maggie smiled secretly too. She added, "Moreover, I have a dangerous rival here. I don't want to let her take advantage of my absence."

Cathy snickered. She loved Maggie because she dared to put her thoughts into practice without any hesitation. She s

n Daniel nodded, she said with gratitude all over her face, "Thank you, sir!"

With a meaningful smile, Daniel and Cathy left together. Maggie left the dining hall shortly after that. However, she didn't go back to her dormitory. Instead, she walked towards Edgar's dormitory. And she was carrying some food with her.

"May I come in, sir?"

"Come in!" Edgar's somewhat lazy voice came from inside.

After winking to Gordon, Maggie pushed the door open and walked into the room. First, she saluted Edgar, who was writing something behind the desk. Then she placed the food on the desk in front of him. "Sir, I thought you would have been sleeping through the morning because you were on duty all night and you may have woken up—"

"Get to the point," Edgar said without raising his head. He was still writing something quickly on his notepad.

Maggie took a glimpse at his outstanding handwriting. If he took part in a handwriting competition, he could probably win a medal. "Sir, I've come to deliver some lunch for you. And to express my affection towards you!" she added.

As soon as he heard what Maggie said, Edgar stopped writing abruptly. As he raised his head slowly to gaze at Maggie, his eyes turned deeper than the ocean.

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