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   Chapter 1293 Extra Story 48 Of Edgar Scare

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6748

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"To be honest," the man who had talked to Edgar the night before broke the silence since he knew more about their relationship than anybody else. "I don't care if you act in your own interest, but I'm afraid that her father will kill you.

" Edgar sighed. "Wasn't it you who advised me to face my problems head on?" he mumbled in a discontented tone.

The man said sincerely, "Yes, I did say that, but— Wait a minute..." He stopped mid-sentence, as if something had just struck him. He asked excitedly, "Edgar, are you saying that you have straightened out your thoughts after last night and have finally decided to find a girlfriend?"

The man's question kicked awake the rest of the military officers on the intercom. Immediately, they started speaking all at once, creating chaos on the communication line. They sounded more like a bunch of school boys than the leaders of an army.

Finally, Edgar sighed and said in an indifferent tone, "All right, the duty officer is here to take the next shift. I'm going to get some sleep. Sir, excuse me." Although he had been a major general before, he was now just a colonel because of the demotion. None of the military officers on the intercom were inferior to him, so he had to show them the respect their ranks demanded. However, a shoulder badge was nothing but a mere worldly possession, one which could not impact his status in the army.

By the time he returned to his dormitory room, Gordon, his secretary, had already prepared a basin of water to wash his face and a cup of water for him to brush his teeth. After cleaning himself up, Edgar advised Gordon to contact Daniel in case of any emergency. Gordon walked out of the room soon after and Edgar went to bed.

He had stayed up the whole night, but he wasn't sleepy at all. His mind was filled with thoughts of Maggie. He had indeed straightened up his thoughts, but he hadn't decided to pursue Maggie. He wanted to make Maggie quit from the idea. And he could surprise the leaders who were waiting to he

g how to answer his daughter's bizarre question. His hands had stopped moving and his face fell. Later, his secretary, who was by his side at that moment, would say that he thought that William was informed of an imminent attack from the enemies.

"Ahem..." William coughed to conceal the great shock he received from his daughter's words. He could not bear thinking about the possibility of her getting married to someone who was older than him. "Well, Maggie, even though I support you wholeheartedly, I hope you will make the right decision for yourself. You may find a man who is older than you, so that he could take good care of you, but you can't choose someone older than Edgar. That's my limit of tolerance." The reason why he had said that he would accept any man Maggie chose without any reserve was because he thought that she had fallen in love with Edgar. However, if his daughter wasn't referring to Edgar, he would suffer from the bitter consequence of his own words.

"Don't worry, Dad. I was only joking," Maggie said. She found that people outside were gazing at her in confusion and curiosity. "All right. I'm hanging up. If I talk to you for too long, others would suspect my relation to you. Goodbye. Tell Hana that I miss her." As soon as she finished saying that, she hung up without waiting for her father's response.

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