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   Chapter 1292 Extra Story 47 Of Edgar Scare

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Edgar's deep eyes were fixed on Maggie. Her face was firm and her eyes stared back into his. Although she said that in a pretended casual voice, he knew that she wasn't lying. "If you did that because I once rescued you in your childhood, then you are saying that you chose to join a military college just for me, but to serve our country as a competent soldier is for your own good." His tone was devoid of any emotion. "Maggie Du, don't waste your time pursuing me any longer. It doesn't matter if you're trying to play a prank or if you're serious. The result will not change."

Edgar's eyes looked increasingly distant and Maggie felt her heart shatter in an instant. "Sir, you taught us that nothing is impossible in the world." She pursed her lips and looked intensely at him before turning around and leaving in a fit of anger and agony. She didn't bother to wait for him to finish his sentence.

Edgar looked at Maggie's proud back, striding away from him. It was not until her figure had disappeared from his sight into the dark night that he withdrew his eyes from her. The roast lamb leg had lost its warmth. Edgar smiled bitterly and grabbed a piece of it, taking a big bite and chewing it fiercely.

"I think I'm too old to understand what young people are thinking,"

a voice came from a short distance away from him. Edgar turned slowly to look in the direction of the voice. A man was walking towards him in his military uniform with a shoulder mark indicating that he was a major general of the army. He looked like he was in his late forties.

"But I just realized that I don't understand what you are thinking either. They say that even a meagre three years' difference in age creates a generation gap. If you look at it that way, there are a few generation's worth of gap between us," the man joked.

Edgar cleaned his hand, stood in attention and was about to salute him. But he was stopped half-way by the man, who simply waved his hand. "Don't try to shut my mouth by interrupting." He glanced at the roast lamb leg beside Edgar and asked with a smile at the corners of his mouth, "How does it taste?

ow. He no longer had any appetite. His mind was elsewhere now. He wasn't in the mood to eat anymore. He remained absent-minded all night. Maggie's amazing performance in front of Claire and the stubbornness on her face kept rolling in his head. When he stopped thinking about her, he remembered the earnest words of the man. Maggie stayed in his mind and heart for the rest of the night.

Right before dawn broke, the cocks raised by the cooking team began to crow loudly. The army horn would usually blow around this time. However, since it was a day off, it was quiet all around the Eagle Special Brigade, except for the voices of the military officers that came through the earpieces, who were on duty at different positions.

Edgar watched as the sky turned a bright red in the east, and a bitter smile formed at the corners of his lips. He turned on the intercom and asked, "I need your advice. If I really do pursue Maggie Du, would I be acting in my own interest?

" There was complete silence.

Some of the military officers who were on duty at that moment had stayed up the whole night and were very tired to respond to his sudden question. The rest of the military officers, who had begun work on the second half of the night, had higher military ranks, ranging from colonels to generals. When they heard Edgar's abrupt question early in the morning, everybody was stunned and froze in their positions.

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