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   Chapter 1291 Extra Story 46 Of Edgar The Amazing Scientific Theory

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The military exercise lasted for fifteen days. At the end, the Blue Force with Edgar as its commander won. As a result, the whole of S Army were praised by the chief of general staff. Moreover, Edgar, as the legendary leader, became the undefeated god in their hearts. The God of war, so to speak.

After returning to the barracks, everyone was granted a one-day holiday. On this day, except for the soldiers on duty, everyone could do whatever they wanted to do. They were even allowed to get drunk! Of course, the Eagle Special Brigade was not included.

All soldiers in this special army unit had to keep ready and alert at all times. They never knew when their country could call upon them. Alcohol was definitely prohibited here. However, they could still have a good time together. Eating, playing, and a roaring campfire were all good choices. Enjoying women soldiers' singing songs was also a good option.

Under Edgar's leadership, several cadres were on duty rotation now. They were chatting through two-way radios. They were quite relaxed and exchanged banter and laughter on an open channel from time to time.

Maggie felt sad when she saw that Jake was being fawned about by the other soldiers because of his performance on the battlefield. She was not jealous of him because he was a capable soldier, and she was proud of him. She was angry however, because she hadn't taken part in the battle simulations nor had she managed to induce Edgar to love her.

"What? Are you unhappy?" Garth asked as he walked towards Maggie. He had always been very observant.

Maggie shrugged and shook her head with a small smile.

He stared deeply at her as if he wanted to look through her. Finally, he opened his mouth slowly, "The instructor asked us to send some food to Captain Edgar and..." He looked at the roasted lamb which he was carrying on a tray and said, "You are free now. How about doing us a favor?"

"In what universe am I free?" Maggie refuted with a soft giggle, but thinking of it, she changed her mind at once. "Okay, our leaders work so hard. I'll help."

Looking at her hopeful expression, Garth tried his best to not laugh. He nodded and answered, "Well done. You are a good comrade."

Cathy had hoped that Maggie would agree to help. She had made up the plate which was to be taken to Edgar with the idea of providing Maggie with an opportunity. So as not to be obvious about it, Maggie took food to several soldiers on duty, and then finally, with heart hammering in her chest, she took the roasted lamb's leg to Edgar. A happy smile played on her lips. She rushed over to his duty station at a high speed.

However, her excitement evaporated, like mist before the scorching sun, when she saw Claire hugging Edgar. Her fervor cooled instantly, as if she was doused by ice water.

Maggie froze and just stared at them as her mind had gone blank with shock. After a while, she came to her senses and almost choked on the feelings of bitterness which threatened to overwhelm her. 'Why didn't I think of this? How could a man keep himself calm with a beautiful woman in his arms? According to Benjamin, it's quite easy to conquer a man. I should have just thrown myself at him!'

Maggie thought angrily. She decided that she couldn't run away and take no action. It just wasn't in her to run away from a

Instructor: Captain Edgar, I agree with them. Ah, where are you going to hold the wedding? How about on the training grounds like Captain Daniel? Ah, ah, both the legendary men of our Eagle Special Brigade getting married within two years will be a good tale.

Listening to the excited prattle over the radio, Edgar rolled his eyes helplessly and pushed Maggie away. She was still continuing with the performance though. Barely glimpsing at Maggie, who was crying and smiling, Edgar walked away and said, "You think too much." He coldly changed channels on the two-way radio, cutting off their audience, as he had no wish to listen to them gossip about him and Maggie over the radio.

Maggie wiped her tears and handed the plate of roast lamb to Edgar. She said then in a perfectly neutral tone, "Captain Edgar, here you are, the roast lamb."

"..." Edgar didn't know what he could say to that. He had never expected that Maggie could behave like this. "It's the loss of the Oscars if you don't become an actress."

Maggie didn't mind his sarcastic compliment at all. Arching her eyebrows, she said, "You also acted pretty well just now. What? Do you want to burn the bridge after you've already crossed it? Or do you really have problems with relationships?"

But for Edgar being on duty now, he would have pulled Maggie into the dark forest to give her a lesson. He would have made her understand that she was still under his control, in more ways than one.

There came the sound of chatting between the cadres. They even suggested that Edgar should submit a marriage report to the chief. It was about three month before the new year. They had already achieved their annual task. Maybe they could take another holiday, if the chief was happy to hear about the new union between Edgar and Maggie.

Maggie didn't know that the chiefs had heard their conversations, or she would have dug a hole to bury herself. She couldn't be prouder, because she thought that her method had outwitted Claire and shown her up. Looking proudly at Edgar, she said, "Captain Edgar, I was not kidding." She continued, "When I went to the military academy, it really was for you!"

Edgar stared at her wordlessly, his heart in turmoil.

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