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Maggie sneered, 'Are you trying to fight against me? Hmph! You sleazy old woman... When I fought against others verbally in my life, you were probably crying somewhere in the bathroom.'

Seeing that Claire was too angry to even say a word, Maggie turned around arrogantly, showing an unsurpassable back to her. But she froze on the spot the moment she turned. When she saw the person standing in front of her, she cursed Claire repeatedly in her head.

Claire had played her. She had fooled Maggie so that Edgar could see how bitterly sarcastic and mean she was.

Maggie felt like a thousand bullets had just pierced her heart. She was about to bleed out and die. She could not bear the shock and the embarrassment.

Edgar slowly walked to Maggie's side and said, "Remember to turn off the intercom next time.

" Maggie's eyes widened in horror and her face became deathly pale. She looked at the small electronic equipment in her collar that hadn't been turned off yet, and blinked in shock. Blankly, she looked at Edgar and then at Claire. She saw a glimmer of the sarcastic, defiant light flashing across Claire's eyes.

It was not until then that she had realized that Claire had played a dirty trick on her. Due to the distance between them and the loud noise around the ground, what Claire had said would not have necessarily been heard through the intercom, but what Maggie had said must have been crystal clear. She had completely forgotten about the intercom.

Maggie wished the earth would open up and swallow her. She was defeated so miserably shortly after succeeding in the snipping. If her words had been heard by

hink the enemies would just stand and get shot that easily?" After a short pause, he continued, "Or do you think that just because you increased the M110's effective firing range you can now snipe anyone to death from a longer distance?"

Indeed, Edgar had guessed Maggie's train of thoughts correctly. What he had asked was exactly what she was thinking.

Edgar knew her answer by the expressions on her face. Coldly, he growled, "You're too naive." He sneered at her. "Do you know why Daniel was able to join the Falcon Commando and become the captain in such a short time?" He waited for a moment and continued to ask, "Do you know what he was honored with when he was in the sniping company?"

Hearing those two questions, Maggie felt that the successful sniping earlier could not be completely attributed to her. It might have been the result of Daniel's excellent marksmanship. However, she neglected that possibility intentionally. Coldly, she said, "Sir, you may criticize me for my mean words to Miss Claire, but you can't question my achievements by beating about the bush."

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