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"How's it coming?" Daniel asked, looking at Maggie a moment before the scheduled time.

Without taking her eyes off the rifle, Maggie loaded the bullets. She looked a little nervous. Then she turned to Daniel and said, "Above ninety percent accuracy!"

Condor was so stunned that his eyes widened to its maximum. He could not believe what he had just heard. "Ninety percent?!" he asked, his voice filled with incredulity.

Maggie nodded. "Time is too limited now. If I had time for testing, I believe I could have ensured one hundred percent accuracy," she said. She wasn't talking big. She was only twenty-five years old and she was already about to graduate as a master in missile research and had won the military rank of a First Lieutenant. All of it was the result of her own skills and hardwork, and had nothing to do with her father's influence.

A smile played at the corners of Daniel's mouth. "If you succeed," he said half-jokingly, "I will finally have a chance to show off in front of my brother-in-law." As he said that, the smile spread from the corners of his mouth to his entire face. "Condor, if I show off in front of Brian, do you think he will bring his men to challenge the Eagle Special Brigade? He hates being challenged."

Condor's eyes lit up. When Brian had come to their camp for Daniel and Cathy's wedding, he had a contest against Edgar. They had admired Brian's skills at the time. They were all looking forward to watching Brian fight with their own eyes one more time; it would greatly improve their performance.

Seeing the apparent expectation and admiration on Daniel and Condor's faces, Maggie was very curious. She wondered to what extent Brian's capabilities were so as to be admired by the likes of Daniel. She had heard that Brian had once fought against Edgar. However, she didn't know the details or the end result of their contest. The superiors of the military region had ordered everybody who had watched the contest to

rank of a First Lieutenant, neither of them had to salute to the other. However, their eyes met in hostility.

Maggie wasn't in the mood to engage in a conversation with the old woman. With a sneer, she withdrew her sight from her, intending to pass by and go to the tent. She hadn't taken two steps further before she heard a sarcastic voice from behind.

"I didn't think..." Claire turned around slowly, "that flattery and seduction would work so well in the Eagle Special Brigade. Obviously, somebody doesn't behave herself. I just don't understand how a military college could ignore the fundamental quality required of a soldier just because she has a mediocre amount of ability."

Maggie knew that Claire was referring to her. With a faint smirk, she turned around and looked at Claire. "Seduction is also one of my many abilities. Unlike a particular old woman, who pretends to be pure and decent, despite her old age." Claire's face changed colors from green to pale white to red. Maggie continued, "There is something that I don't understand either. Some instructors, like Cathy, are amiable, and really deserve the title. However, someone else has no good manner or tolerance for other people. I have always wondered whether there is some hidden rule within the S Army to protect people like that."

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