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Maggie quivered when she heard Edgar's cold voice coming from the earphone. Picking herself up quickly, she said, "I will be there in three minutes, sir!" In order to live up to her words, she reported to Daniel in less than three minutes.

Daniel was wearing a ghillie suit to disguise himself. His face was painted with dark ink and the M110 in his hand was also in a ghillie suit. He was almost invisible to the naked eye, as he lay flat on the grass ground. If it were not for the Blue Force sensor in Maggie's hand, she would not have been able to find Daniel.

Daniel had once been a member of the sniper company, and the reason why he had been selected to join the Falcon Commando later was because of his outstanding marksmanship. It was not until he had come to

Edgar replied, "I can't think twice now, because I just received a certificate yesterday."

The man gazed at him in astonishment. He could not believe what he had heard.

The battle was on the verge of breaking out. Although it was just an exercise, both the Red Force and the Blue Force were taking it seriously. They prepared and dealt with the battle as if it was a real battle. It seemed that the struggle was fierce in the front. A while ago it was said that the warcraft formation of the Red Force had been annihilated by the Blue Force. A while later it was said that a platoon of the Blue Force had been captured by the Red Force. It could be said that it was still not time to decide the result of the exercise. Either force had some wins and some losses.

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