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Maggie quivered when she heard Edgar's cold voice coming from the earphone. Picking herself up quickly, she said, "I will be there in three minutes, sir!" In order to live up to her words, she reported to Daniel in less than three minutes.

Daniel was wearing a ghillie suit to disguise himself. His face was painted with dark ink and the M110 in his hand was also in a ghillie suit. He was almost invisible to the naked eye, as he lay flat on the grass ground. If it were not for the Blue Force sensor in Maggie's hand, she would not have been able to find Daniel.

Daniel had once been a member of the sniper company, and the reason why he had been selected to join the Falcon Commando later was because of his outstanding marksmanship. It was not until he had come to the Falcon Commando that he had been discovered as a military genius. He was born to be in the battlefield. He performed excellently in terms of marksmanship, and his military capability was impeccable. He was one of the legendary figures of the Eagle Special Brigade, only second to Edgar.

Rumor was that he could disguise himself to such an extent that nobody would be aware of his presence even if they stepped on him. Maggie had no idea how anyone could achieve such a feat. She had to see for herself to know if it was true or just exaggerated stories.

"Comrade Major Du," Condor greeted her, grinning. "Can you really improve the effective firing range of the M110?"

Maggie was now lying alongside him and Daniel on the grass ground. She was armed to the teeth too. Although she wasn't sure that she was completely undetectable to the enemy, she had disguised herself quite well as a result of her training with the Falcon Commando. "Yes, but for now, I can't guarantee a perfect result," she said honestly. She was aggressive, but this didn't mean that she was so self-conceited to believe that she could do anything she wanted to do or that nobody in the world could compare with her.

Daniel threw a quick glance at her. Then he withdrew his sight to observe the target ahead of them. He heard on the earphone that the other members of the Falcon Commando were ridiculing one another to pass time. He wasn't too strict with his subordinates when he led the team for missions. He strongly felt that a person wouldn't be able to

re married, they could smell a relationship between a man and woman, and they could see through Claire very easily. She had been targeting Edgar ever since she was transferred to the S Army. Knowing that, the military officers had been more than willing to assist her. However, Edgar didn't have any special feeling towards her.

When Edgar had agreed to let Maggie go to the frontline against the rules, Claire reacted violently to that decision. The officers inside the tent began to wonder about the relationship between the three of them. They wondered if Edgar preferred younger girls.

With that thought in his mind, one of them said in a grave tone, "Edgar, having a very young girlfriend could impact your image in the army. You'd better think twice about it."

Edgar replied, "I can't think twice now, because I just received a certificate yesterday."

The man gazed at him in astonishment. He could not believe what he had heard.

The battle was on the verge of breaking out. Although it was just an exercise, both the Red Force and the Blue Force were taking it seriously. They prepared and dealt with the battle as if it was a real battle. It seemed that the struggle was fierce in the front. A while ago it was said that the warcraft formation of the Red Force had been annihilated by the Blue Force. A while later it was said that a platoon of the Blue Force had been captured by the Red Force. It could be said that it was still not time to decide the result of the exercise. Either force had some wins and some losses.

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