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   Chapter 1286 Extra Story 41 Of Edgar Combat On The Spot

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At that moment, there were sound signals coming over the intercom. "Report to Lightning! Nighthawk in position, but the target is three kilometers away. It's out of the shooting range. Request for changing location," said the voice from the intercom.

Edgar withdrew his eyes from Maggie. He took up the intercom, pressed a button on it and replied, "This is Lightning." Then he looked back at Maggie and continued, "Hold your position."

"Copy that!" Daniel replied on the other end of the intercom.

Edgar released the talk button and asked Maggie, "Nighthawk has an M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper with 2450 meters effective shooting range. But the target is three thousand meters away!"

"Sir, I can raise the shooting range to three thousand meters in two hours!" Maggie said, her spirits rising rapidly.

"Do you know why I've let you try on different makes of sniper rifles, but didn't allow you to try on an M110?" Edgar asked, his eyes looking deep and stern.

"I don't know, sir," Maggie replied in confusion.

Edgar snorted at her lack of insight and explained, "To the best sniper, the shooting range of an M110 would not exceed 2500 meters." "Why?" Maggie asked. "Because when the shooting range is more than 2500 meters, the penetrating power of the bullet would decline as the distance increases," Edgar explained. "The weapon would become ineffective then."

After hearing Edgar's words, Maggie's eyes popped wide in surprise. She had studied missile research. Although there was a big difference between bullets and missiles, she had minored in the friction between various firearms' bullets and also their shooting ranges. But she hadn't learned about what Edgar had just said.

Seeing Maggie grinding mental gears in a daze, Edgar said coldly, "There are some things which you can't learn from books, but only from actual combat experience."

"Sir, that's exactly the reason why I asked for combating on the spot, not because of curiosity. I'm hoping I can gain some combat experience so that I can make a contribution to the army and to our country someday," Maggie said honestly then.

The officers and staff in the command center were studying the battle blueprint, but couldn't help glancing at Maggie from time to time. This scene was full of momentum. No wonder she could have established her reputation in S Army within a year.

A brief smile flashed on Edgar's face, but it disappeared before Maggie saw it clearly. She even thought that she had been mistaken, or that her eyes were playing tricks on her.

"Great," Edgar said, raising his eyebrows. "We don't have a coward here!" Edgard went on as Garth, Jake and Edith walked up to him hurriedly. They stood up straight and looked at Edgar with expectation. "Since you're so desperate to know about combat, I'll let you find out," Edgar said at the end.

Maggie and her friends' faces all brightened up at his words. They stood at attention and expressed gratitude. "Thank you, Captain!"

Then Edgar called the managing director over the intercom and told him to make the arrangements for their deployment. They were separated into different quads. Fortunately, Maggie was i

ed, "She doesn't like me."

"If a woman dislikes another woman, there are only two reasons. One is that she's envious because the other woman is prettier than herself," Garth said. "And the second reason is that…" Seeing Maggie was confused, Garth smiled and went on after a pregnant pause of anticipation, "The second reason is she thinks that the man she loves likes the other woman."

Widening her eyes, Maggie suddenly stopped walking. She gazed at Garth and rasped, "What? You…" Maggie blushed red like an apple. She couldn't finish her sentence after stuttering for a long time.

Seeing Maggie's awkward actions, Garth knew that she had actually fallen in love with Edgar. "Maggie, it's not shameful to fall in love. But you should probably be aware that such a mature man like the Captain may not have any feelings of reciprocity for you," he cautioned, wanting to protect her.

"He may not like that woman with big boobs, either," Maggie replied unhappily.

Garth was a boy. Upon hearing her words, he took a look at her breasts in a knee-jerk manner and said, "Men love big boobs."

It took Maggie a few moments to respond. Gasping, she covered her breasts with her arms immediately and scolded, "You're obscene!"

However, Garth didn't mind getting beans for his comment. He leaned closer to Maggie and said earnestly, "It's okay. Ask Cathy to make you some steamed papaya. I swear to God. If a man were interested in you, that will totally help you get him." He looked at Maggie's small bulges on her chest, let out an evil laugh, and then scurried away hurriedly, succeeding to avoid her fist that was flinging towards him.

Jake and Edith had no idea of what was happening behind them. They were really excited about the combat on the spot and kept asking questions about it. Maggie was encouraged by Garth's words. She kept thinking about getting some food to make her breasts become bigger once she arrived at the Falcon's staging area.

Then Edgar's voice came over the two-way radio's earphones, "Maggie Du! Come back to command. If you can't get in position in three minutes...!"

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