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   Chapter 1285 Extra Story 40 Of Edgar Combat On The Spot

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"You may withdraw now. I need to consult my superiors first," the commissar said to Edgar.

Edgar saluted and withdrew himself from the office. However, he didn't go far but waited outside the door. About half an hour later, he was called to come in again. He knocked at the door and then walked in. "Sir?" he queried.

The commissar looked embarrassed. He heaved a sigh and said, "The higher-ups have agreed that they can go along with the Blue Force, but they can only stay at the command center. They are not allowed to go to the front-line. If you agree, it shall be so. If not, they will have to stay at the director center."

Edgar wasn't surprised to be informed of this result. His original intention had also been for them to go to the command center. "Sure! Thank you, sir!" Edgar replied and gave a crisp salute.

The commissar shook his head and sighed, "How many times have you gotten injured since you've returned to the army? When can you stop making us all worry about you?"

Edgar grinned and answered, "It was just an accident."

"It doesn't matter. You shall complete your commission this year," said the commissar, wanting to be rid of concerns regarding Edgar's blatant disregard for his own safety.

Smiling, Edgar didn't retort or explain, but responded in a low voice. Sometimes, the more you explained, the more people thought you were concealing some truth. So, he didn't like explaining himself to others. The rumors would ultimately fade away when people saw the end result.

Edgar never once considered that he might end up falling in love with a girl who was much younger than he was. Starting a happy but alarmed life was a quite unanticipated future which suddenly beckoned him.

The next day at 04:00, all the soldiers who were going to participate in the military exercise were leaving for the staging areas according to their orders. At dawn, as the director center announced the start of the strategic exercise, the Blue Force and the Red Force started the half-a-month exercise.

Maggie was so excited. Finally, she had gotten rid of reading the boring documents and data in the director center and would get the chance to take part in the military exercise with the Blue Force! However, Edgar, as the chief commander of the Blue

to this, she felt at a loss for words. She saw her friends' regretful faces and the other staff in the tent began giving her weird looks.

"What a pity! Has Maggie lost her mind?" Jake sighed, exasperated by her obvious failure. "How could she ask the Captain in that way? She could have just thrown herself at him, and then asked him in a tender voice! He would have agreed!" Jake bemoaned the poor strategy which Maggie had chosen.

"Really? You really think that the Captain would have bought it?" Garth looked at Jake and challenged.

"No," Jake replied honestly, shaking his head.

With everyone's eyes still fixed on her, Maggie ignored her own embarrassment and kept her chin up. While staring at Edgar, she said, "I'm asking for combating on the spot!" Maggie paused a moment, ground her teeth and carried on, "Increasing the effective range of the sniper rifle is a new technology. Although I can guarantee that the accuracy can reach 97% or more, I can't guarantee that the vibration in the rear seat would be reduced. I think that you should let us go to the front line so that we can get a more reasonable and effective technology evaluation on the spot. Moreover, we can then also perfect everything that we might have to fine tune in the field." Her voice was forceful with conviction and her eyes looked determined.

Edgar gazed at Maggie, looking deeply into her eyes, while the higher-ups standing to the side started talking about her. She had made herself conspicuous in the command center.

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