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   Chapter 1284 Extra Story 39 Of Edgar It Will Be You

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Jake was a person who loved to gossip. "Maggie, you and the Captain..." Before he had finished the sentence, he was pulled hard by Garth.

"Shut your mouth, if you don't want to die." Garth, being a detail attentive type of person, had noticed that there was something between Edgar and Maggie. Whether this had begun during the mission that they carried out together, or it was because the senior military officer had instructed her to take care of Edgar when he was injured, was a mystery. Even though it sounded a bit awkward...

Jake stopped saying anything more because Edgar had briefly scanned in his direction. Even though it was only one glance, they were afraid of continuing along those lines of discussion.

After the meeting, they held a party to boost everyone's spirits. There was no beer, but every table had four more dishes added. Taking cold drinks instead of beer, Edgar made a toast to the entire brigade, which heightened every soldier's morale.

Maggie was sitting with the other student soldiers. Gazing at the manly face of Edgar, she couldn't help licking her lips. All the soldiers started to cheer, and naturally she was also affected by the high spirits of the brigade. Seeing the spirited faces around her, she couldn't help thinking, 'How many loyal followers can one man summon? Perhaps, Edgar is the best to answer that. In the Eagle Special Brigade, he is the undeniable leader; the legend; the God, even... The God of war!'

"Alas, I can only wait in the director department and watch the show," Jake grumbled. "Why did I even need to attend this meeting? It's like showing you some desirable sweets but then forbidding you from eating them."

"Absolutely," Edith said, agreeing with Jake. Unlike Jake, who was eager to experience a real war, Edith simply wanted to join to have fun.

Garth, however, casually said, "I don't want to have such a chance to experience it in my life." When everyone turned to him curiously, he sighed, "War is a mer

in the Eagle Special Brigade, the commissar was still not fully convinced.

"Sir," Edgar said in a serious tone, "It's only a drill. The bullets are replaced with blanks which will only activate the laser receiver's smoke. Even if they get captured, they will be in a controlled environment led by the Red Force. The most they would do is keep them in a special prison. There is going to be no chance of real harm." Edgar paused strategically to give the commissar some time to ponder it over and added, "What if they face danger in the future? Then that will be the real thing instead of a drill."

Upon hearing this, the commissar frowned as he stared at Edgar.

"A student soldier, is still a soldier," Edgar added, continuing to persuade the commissar.

"Give me some time," the commissar finally replied. It was a rather hard decision to make. After all, the order which he had received was that the student soldiers were to be assigned to the director team. If he violated the rules of the drill, who would be there to bear the consequences? Even though he wasn't really scared of bearing the responsibility, it was more than that.

In the army, an order was more important than everything else. To disobey an order was the last thing that a soldier should do. It was inconceivable to even consider doing so.

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