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   Chapter 1283 Extra Story 38 Of Edgar It Will Be You

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"What?" She was shocked. "What do you mean?"

He glimpsed at Maggie while he filled his plate with rice as well. After eating a piece of fried eggplant, he slowly said, "I mean exactly what I said. You can eat whatever you want, as much as you want. Just eat." He watched Maggie's angry face and shrugged. "You wanted this, right?"

However, when she saw the mockery on Tompson's face, she felt even angrier. So she decided to turn anger into hunger. She began eating like a glutton, as if what she was biting into was not food, but Edgar's body. That was what she craved, but she filled up on food instead.

While eating, Tompson made his voice sound as natural as possible and asked, "What? Did you succeed with your confession?"

Maggie suddenly shot him a stare. "Who told you... that I went to confess to him?" Infuriated, she clenched her teeth, as if to say, 'Don't mess with me, or else the consequence will be disastrous.'

"It's so easy to guess that part." He completely ignored Maggie's anger. "You had just found out that the man in your heart had saved you.

Of course you would confess to him." Maggie fell silent, unable to find anything with which to refute this. Unlike her ferocious eating earlier, she began to eat slowly, and without appetite. Perhaps, she just found that the food had lost its taste.

Tompson was feeling uneasy, but he knew that he shouldn't rush. Though Maggie looked smart, she was really oblivious to her surroundings, and she was especially so when it came to things concerning emotions and love. In the past, everyone else had known that he loved her except for her, while she was secretly loving a man who was more than ten years older than she was. If her experiences were to be written as a novel, it would be really dramatic. The title could be, "Love Me, Old Man!", or, "Deeply In Love With An Old Man".

Suddenly, Tompson felt disgusted, but he managed to suppress his own feelings and said, "When we were doing the drill, Blue Force and we... I heard that most of the S Army was

rules of the drill again, not to mention that Edgar didn't have time to explain the details. He just gave a brief overview of what their goal was as part of the Blue Force.

After the discussions, which lasted two hours, the various battalion commanders, instructors, company commanders, captains and vice captains of the different commandos all felt disgruntled. They sat stiffly and made little reply to their orders, their discontentment evident. Although they had been informed earlier that they would be joining the Blue Force, they were still discouraged when Edgar announced this to them.

Maggie felt that everyone was upset, so she said, "It doesn't matter whether we're with Red Force or Blue Force, good people or bad people. Actually, the only goal is to win. We just need to prove to them that, whichever side S Army is on, that side is going to win."

All their eyes had focused on Maggie after she said this. Maggie blinked and asked in confusion, "What? Did I say anything wrong?"

Cathy shook her head and laughed. "No, you didn't. What you said is absolutely right!" She clapped her hands to show her support. Following her, everyone else also started to applaud.

"I didn't expect that," Edith said to Maggie, winking at her, "you've started to sound like a real commander, just after spending some time with the captain! Awesome!"

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