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   Chapter 1282 Extra Story 37 Of Edgar It Will Be You

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All of a sudden, Maggie felt that her words had become stuck in her throat and she couldn't utter anything at all. She just stared blankly at Edgar, eyes wide open. The indifference on Edgar's face was like a cold knife, mercilessly stabbing into her heart. She had no idea of what to do right now.

"You don't have to feel guilty." Edgar's voice was still cool as he eyed her coldly. "Even if it had not been you, I would still have taken the risk. I know you care about the data. Actually not only you, but the entire S Army is highly concerned about it. So you know how important it is."

What he said sounded rather reasonable and convincing. The rescue wasn't something personal, but an act of professionalism instead. If Maggie still wanted to believe that he had walked through the fire for her only, she would have had to be stupid!

"Bang!" The door was shut with a heavy thump as Maggie silently left the room. Edgar's brows, which almost met each other just now, started to relax and separate. He told himself that it was for the best. He had to be cruel to be kind. Heaving a sigh, he turned to look out through the window. There were horns to summon their people. At this moment, his thoughts drifted away...

"Lightning, if I successfully complete this mission, I want a few days off."

Edgar had green paint in meandering patterns on his face to camouflage himself among the foliage. Beside him was a soldier with the alias "Thunder", whose rank was first sergeant. They had been hiding in the jungle to monitor the surrounding lands for more than 48 hours. It was the most tiring mission that they had ever executed since they had entered the Sharp Blade Commando.

Edgar squinted his fatigued eyes. Through the sight of the sniper's rifle, he was intently observing something two thousand meters distant. In a low voice, he said jokingly, "You always say that. But in the end, you still celebrate the new year with me in the camp, every time."

Thunder heaved a sigh and said, "I'm too old for this. You guys are younger and stronger. I think it's time for me to retire."

Edgar furrowed his eyebrows and asked, "Are you serious?"

"What do you think?" Thunder smiled. Taking the binoculars to observe the surroundings, he mumbled, "Since I entere

t him, but the smile was filled with remorse. How he had wished that he could have lived longer and fulfilled his role as a father! Thunder had decided to retire and spend more time with his daughter, but he never had a chance to do so. The only thing that Edgar could do, was to take care of his daughter on his behalf.

Suddenly, Edgar snapped back to reality, tears welling up his eyes. He closed his eyes and tried to focus on the sounds beyond the room, but bitterness again engulfed him. 'I chose to return to the troops because of Molly's injury and Jenifer's helplessness. But was it for Thunder as well?

I might die at any second. How can I promise anyone anything?' he thought then and felt utterly alone for the first time in years.


Maggie accompanied Tompson to the canteen. She had wanted the best food in the canteen, but that was only for senior military officers.

"Hey, Tompson." Maggie looked left and right and discovered that some soldiers were looking in their direction. Swallowing anxiously, she thought, 'A first lieutenant and a captain are enjoying some privilege. Is it crossing the line?'

She looked at Tompson and grumbled, "If you want to die, go ahead. I, however, don't want to die! I have gone through so much hardship to live until today, my dear!"

Tompson pretended as if he didn't hear her grumblings. Passing Maggie a pair of chopsticks and filling her plate with rice, he assured her, "Don't worry. This meal is a reward given by a senior military officer."

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