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   Chapter 1281 Extra Story 36 Of Edgar Scars On His Back

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 10088

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Maggie fidgeted in her seat. It seemed to her that Edgar had two personalities and so did the members of the Eagle. Edgar and Daniel had the most visible symptoms of these split personalities.

Just looking at Daniel she frowned inwardly. He had hidden his sharp talons in front of Cathy. The most feared Nighthawk had turned into a pussycat now.

Since they acted as if she wasn't there, Maggie had no choice but to close her mouth and sit unobtrusively during the drive to the hospital.

After they arrived at the hospital, Edgar met privately with Daniel and Cathy in his ward. Naturally Maggie was left alone outside. She leaned on the window sill and gazed idly out through the glass panes. Some soldiers were training out there. It struck her that it was time for recruiting again.

"What are you thinking?" a voice rang out. Maggie was startled to find Cathy beside her, while Daniel was still inside the ward talking to Edgar.

Maggie stood at attention automatically. Gesturing for her to be at ease, Cathy glanced out the window and sighed, "Time really flies. I've already been here for years…"

Maggie had heard many things about Cathy from Garth. She had previously been doing research on missiles and had grown up in a military family with a father who was the chief commander of S Army. Hence, she had been given the chance to get into this domain earlier than most.

But Cathy was different. She had passed the admissions test on her own merits. During her time at the university she had taken a break because of trouble with her eyes, but she had worked hard to keep up with the flow of the course materials and had graduated top of her class before starting at the bottom in the military.

"Cathy, how did you meet Daniel?" Maggie asked, her shoulders drooping.

Maggie was young and Cathy wasn't much older than her. Both of them were girls who had joined the army right after graduation. With a similar background, there were less inhibitions in their conversation.

Cathy pressed her lips into a smile. "Maybe fate had a plan for us? I believe so. Fate had spoken. Things always go down the path that has been prearranged by destiny." She smiled and added wistfully, "I knew Brian first. At that time, I had heard about Molly but I hadn't met her. Brian and Molly have been through a lot to be together. Things were much easier for Daniel and me. I'm grateful for that."

"So… which one of you made the first move?" It was a stupid question. Maggie realized it as soon as the words were out of her mouth. No wonder Edgar sometimes just looked at her with the expression as if to say 'You little fool'. "It must have been Daniel who took the initiative." There was no doubt about it. Daniel was so good to Cathy and treated her like she was his most prized treasure.

But… It wasn't the truth.

"Actually, I made the first move." The shock on Maggie's face made Cathy laugh softly. "You remind me of myself at your age. I was curious about everything just like you. Daniel always

s was not something which he wanted to discuss with her. He had slowed down his pace to wait for her. He should have known that she was here now for Edgar. He should have walked faster and let her chase behind him. "Right."

"So… when did he get hurt?" Maggie pretended that she knew nothing about it, though she had burning suspicions. "I thought he was here with the Eagle all the time."

Tompson shrugged, "I have just returned from the exchange study. How could I know about that? But I heard something from Hackett… that a student soldier blew up the laboratory. To protect the soldier and the research files, Edgar gave up his fire suit, wrapping the soldier in them, and he got grievous burns on his back. But most of his wound is healed. It's the scab on his waist which hasn't fully healed. The scab is still very thick there and leaks occasionally."

Maggie bit her lip. Realization sank in and as she stared at Tompson, her eyes reddened. She discovered that she had been crying a lot of late. It wasn't her style.

He noticed her distress then and asked carefully, "Maggie, don't tell me you were that student soldier. Is that so?" He couldn't regret it more as the words came out. How fate was conspiring against him!

The student soldier who was doing the projectile research… How could he have been so stupid? He had just helped to polish up Edgar's image in her mind! There was no way that she would even consider Tompson now.

Maggie bit her lip and nodded, a bitter feeling lingering in her heart. She had never known exactly what had happened during the fire. Edgar had said nothing about it. No one told her that Edgar had gotten so badly injured while saving her.

She sniffed and without another word went back into the ward. Abandoning all the courtesy she asked Edgar, "Why? Why didn't you tell me that you saved my life?"

Edgar frowned slightly. His eyes opened slowly and fell on the girl in front of him. He answered with a cold voice, "I just saved one of my soldiers."

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