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   Chapter 1280 Extra Story 35 Of Edgar Scars On His Back

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Before Maggie could say anything more, Edgar replied with an ominous chill in his voice. "Could you just shut up, Maggie?"

She closed her mouth hard, looking at Edgar's grim face. A voice inside her whispered, 'Why the long face? Do you see this as the training ground?' But whatever her thoughts were, her face betrayed nothing.

After all they were in the army, and even though the man before her was no longer a Major General, he still carried two more golden stars than her on his epaulets. He was still the captain of the Eagle. This thought ought to have brought Maggie some comfort, but the truth was that she felt even more distraught than before.

"Go get Daniel and Cathy," Edgar ordered with barely a glance at Maggie.

With expedience in mind, Maggie looked at the landline phone nearby. Her first thought was 'Why would he send me over to base when he could get hold of them with a call?' She hesitated and then moved to the phone.

"This is an order! Go now!" Edgar said with emphasis, his face barely concealing the pain which he felt when exerting himself to speak.

"Yes, sir!" Maggie stood to attention at once, her heels clicking sharply on the polished floor as she saluted. With another look at Edgar she went back to the Eagle.

Barely minutes after Maggie had left, Tompson arrived with charts, and a nurse followed right behind him. After he examined Edgar's injuries, he sighed, "Captain, why can't you pay more attention to your wounds? You come here so often lately. It feels like we could reminisce about old times."

Edgar made no sound as Tompson checked him over. Whenever he registered pain he frowned so lightly as if he wasn't the one who suffered. "In the Eagle, everybody gets scars here and there." As his dark, thoughtful eyes fell on Tompson he added, "Including you, even a doctor, right?"

Tompson shrugged, smiling. "It was just an accident."

Edgar chuckled softly and asked him, "When did you return? Why didn't you tell me about it?"

"You were on a mission when I got back. I tried to find you the first thing when I got here, but only to be disappointed. Then I got dragged to the sniper company. I was drunk all day and almost screwed up my work." Tompson sig

ke the silence.

"Major, are you all right?" Sparrow Hawk grinned at Maggie. "And how is Captain Edgar doing?"

A dozen voices all began to speak at once. They all tried to find out more about Edgar's situation from Maggie, or asked her to take care of Edgar. There was a sense of family among the squad and they were naturally concerned by the injury to their commanding officer.

Daniel let them prattle on for a short time. Two minutes later, he cut in with a commanding tone, "How about throwing a tea party here?"

The voices vanished as quickly as they had appeared. This was the Falcon Commando's style. They thought fast, and reacted even quicker.


"Yes, sir!"

Daniel seemed not at all to be Cathy's kitty now and had donned the devil's face again. He was Nighthawk, the soul of the Falcon. His sharp eyes swept over his mud-splashed teammates. "A cross-country run for everyone after all the training is done. Whoever can't finish it in time has to do 500 push-ups tonight before supper."

"Yes, sir!" they chorused, not daring to complain at the exhausting load.

Daniel turned away and gestured for Maggie to get in the car with a glance. Soon the three of them were heading toward the S Army's hospital in the dazzling military SUV.

All the way there, Daniel and Cathy completely ignored Maggie and spoke about a military maneuver scheduled for half a month from now. Occasionally they brought some family gossip into their conversation.

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