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   Chapter 1278 Extra Story 33 Of Edgar Force Her To Admit

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6097

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"I'm sorry, but I need to point out… that Edgar takes my mother as his aunt, so if I call him uncle, that would make it incest, wouldn't it?" Maggie argued. After looking at Tompson, to gauge his reaction, she spun on her heel and marched into the ward without a backward glance.

Staring at Maggie's receding figure, the smile slid off from Tompson's face, and his eyes became dark and brooding. Tompson was one of the few people who knew that Maggie was the only child of William, and also one of the fewer people who knew that it was Edgar who had saved her when she had been kidnapped as a child. Whether Maggie was fond of Edgar or if she was just grateful to him for his saving her, Tompson honestly didn't know the truth. Likewise he didn't know why he had never come back for her after he had left the military compound, even though he had been in love with her since childhood. Perhaps… Perhaps it was because of what she had said a long time ago which hurt his feelings? It had hurt him so much that he had made up his mind to stay in S Army for many years, even though deep in his heart he hated it.

However, Maggie seemed to have forgotten everything that had happened in the past, so what was the point for him to struggle with it?

Tompson shook his head, hoping to stop himself from reminiscing.

He returned to the clinic with complex feelings: the excitement at meeting Maggie again and the sadness of knowing she might have fallen in love with someone else.

In Edgar's room, Maggie noticed that the bowl of soup on the table was no longer warm. A hint of sorrow arose spontaneously in her heart. She had asked her mother, Hana, to help her by making soup for Edgar so he could enjoy the taste of a home-cooked dish. Hana woke up early in the morning, right before dawn, just to make the soup. Howeve

returns back to the Eagle." "No, sir, please listen to me first. There are many doctors, nurses and medical staff on duty. I don't need…" "Sir, there is no need for Maggie to stay here to look after me. Sir? Sir? Sir…"

Edgar sighed helplessly when he realized that William had hung up the phone. What the hell was going on?

Edgar put the receiver back. He had felt exhausted before making the phone call, but now he couldn't fall asleep at all. After thinking for a while, Edgar finally concluded that Maggie's feelings for him were based on gratitude and admiration from her childhood. Morever, after what happened between them the other day must have deepened her feelings for him.

Thinking of this, Edgar believed that it would be necessary to strangle her feelings before they intensified even more. It didn't matter whether he had feelings for her or not. Twelve years was a considerable age gap between them. Just like what Maggie had said, he could be her uncle, considering their age. Some would say that three years was already a big gap, and so twelve years could be considerate an enormous gap for them! They would never be on the same wavelength. Heck, they weren't even in the same generation!

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