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   Chapter 1277 Extra Story 32 Of Edgar Force Her To Admit

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Maggie turned around looking for the person who had just called out her name, it was Tompson Lin. As their eyes met, they looked each other up and down, from head to toe, each forming completely different opinions of each other.

Maggie was very angry to see her nemesis, while Tompson was excited to see his childhood friend.

"Maggie, it's been a long time. It's good to see you, but you still look exactly the same," Tompson smiled. "You still look like a kid, refusing to grow up. I still remember you pretending to be a middle-school student five years ago. Now, you are pretending that you're a high-school student. You are, so to speak, a major now. Could you please be mature? Shame on you."

Look at him, the devil! He was born to humi


After glancing at Maggie, Claire said goodbye to Tompson and then left. The moment Claire disappeared from their sights, Tompson leaned in and asked Maggie, "Did you... Did you fall in love with Captain Edgar?"

"No!" Maggie denied, just a little too hastily. She then murmured, "His moral issues are a huge problem. No one will love him unless he changes that."

Looking at Maggie's reaction, Tompson was touched by sadness, however, he bound it up in his heart, and pretended to be careless. To hide his feelings, he started making fun of her again. "Fortunately not, after all, Edgar could be your uncle, considering his age."

Hearing what he just said, Maggie's mouth couldn't help convulsing. He just couldn't give her a break.

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