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   Chapter 1276 Extra Story 31 Of Edgar The Rival in Love

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"Go home and stay with your mom today," William urged. "She heard that you were back, and keeps asking me when you are coming home. So, relax for now."

"Yes, sir!" Maggie responded with a salute. She turned around and walked out of William's office.

A small smile appeared on William's face and he murmured to himself, "It's going to be noisy at home today."


"Sir, what do you think?" the captain asked the bald lieutenant general in front of him.

The lieutenant general looked far into the distance through the window, with his hands clasped behind his back. His beer belly easily touched the glass window. He squinted at the soldiers receiving training in the grounds. Slowly, he spoke to the captain, "I didn't think Edgar would make it out alive. It was an unexpected outcome. We made it sound like an effortless mission so that he would underestimate his enemy. But he turned to Brian Long for help." He had failed to predict that. After all, too many other factors were involved.

"How about we reveal to the officials about what Edgar had done?" the captain suggested with an evil smirk.

The lieutenant general shook his head in disagreement. "What difference would it make?" He paused to think about what had happened, then continued, "Brian is a reliable person. So, why did he turn to Eric for help?" He turned around to look at his subordinate, waiting for his explanation.

The captain looked confused.

The lieutenant general smiled and explained, "Let's assume that some confidential information of the Dragon Empire Group and the Dragon Island's National Congress was also leaked.

If that was the case, then everything that happened was just a coincidence. Both sides just happened to encounter each other on the way from the data bank. So, they offered each other a helping hand. In times of crisis, it's natural for acquaintances to provide assistance.

Although such a coincidence is highly unlikely, considering Dragon Island's reputation, it is inappropriate to lie to the Ruler of the Dragon Island. But, considering Edgar's competence and his high level of intelligence, it is also possible that he was counting on such a coincidence.

So, it's better if we avoid offending people with power and getting ourselves into trouble." The lieutenant general patted his subordinate's shoulder when he saw his disappointed look. "Don't worry. We will find lots of opportunities in the future. Haste makes waste. We should wait patiently, young man."

"Yes, sir!"

"You may leave now." He waved his subordinate off. The captain saluted and left the office. After the door was shut, the lieutenant general quickly dialed a number on his private phone. When the call connected, he spoke without any greeting, "What are you going to do to fix this issue?"

"It's your fault for making such poor arrangements. My manpower was compromised for nothing." The voice

her concern without looking at her, but even as he uttered those words, he couldn't help thinking about the sweet kiss he and Maggie had shared that night. Maggie's lips were gentle, so was her tongue. It had the sweet flavor of milk. The memory woke his hormones and aroused his sexual desires.

Claire could sense that Edgar was acting weird, but since the emotions on his face were fleeting, she didn't notice it clearly. She was reassured by Edgar. "The Director of the military drill has decided to let the S Army be the Blue Force this time. I assume it will be a tough battle. With the artillery brigade as the frontline, the Sharp Blade Commando must rely on the Eagle's Falcon Commando."

When their conversation shifted to the military drill, Maggie found it meaningless to continue eavesdropping. She moved away from the door and said to the confused privates, "Take care of the Colonel."

"Yes, ma'am!"

Maggie pretended to not mind them at all, but the privates were conscious of it and looked at the closed door.

Maggie couldn't suppress the jealous flames in her mind. It was pretty obvious that the female instructor was flirting with Edgar, and he couldn't resist the charisma of such a pretty woman. She looked down at her flat chest and groaned. That lady's boobs were so large, it looked like they were about to pop out of her clothes.

Overwhelmed by a sense of inferiority, Maggie murmured, "Wouldn't it be such an inconvenience to lie down on her stomach during training? Just be careful during missions. Your breasts are not going to help you win battles. Humph!"


The familiar voice of a male caught Maggie's attention and her lips trembled when she saw him.

Enemies were bound to meet on a narrow road. But Maggie had never imagined that she would encounter this person in the army. It was such a dramatic setting. Why was he standing there, dressed in a military uniform?


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