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   Chapter 1275 Extra Story 30 Of Edgar The Rival in Love

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Under the suspicious eyes of the public, Maggie returned to the S Army with butterflies in her stomach. Her vacation had run out and she was three days late. Garth and the rest of her team were already back at the camp, but they had no idea what Maggie had been up to. Even though questions were raised, no one knew the truth.

As soon as they reached the camp, Edgar was sent straight to the medical facility. Fortunately, the task force under the S Army was an expert division and handled severe accidental injuries during training and missions. The medical devices were of high-quality and extremely advanced. Moreover, Edgar had been treated at the private hospital of the Dragon Empire Group in A City before coming to the camp, so regular observation and recess were more than enough, and there was no need to admit him into the military general hospital.

Superior officers, including William, came to visit him soon after. After making sure that Edgar was fine, William calmed down and made a request. "Are you well enough to talk right now?"

Edgar threw a glance at the junior officers behind William and nodded with a smile. "Of course, I am."

"Don't push yourself," William said, indicating everyone to leave the ward, except the work-style and the discipline inspectors.

After the door was closed, the two inspectors sat down, and the work-style inspector asked Edgar directly, "Captain, I'd like to know what exactly happened during the mission. Also, I would like to know why politicians from the Dragon Island had participated in it."

Military secrets were never to be disclosed to the Dragon Island despite their close bond with the country.

Hearing the question, Edgar sneered at their cynicism. "I wonder, are you doubting the mission itself or me in particular?

" The work-style inspector stared at him, without answering.

The air in the ward was getting dense. The discipline inspector tried to ease the tension. "Captain, that's not what we meant at all." He rubbed his hands together and continued, "A Army had underestimated the mission, leading to such a consequence. You were very insightful and handled the situation well. It is understandable that you had extra arrangements in place. However, according to the normal procedures, we need to follow up and update our information center."

Edgar stared back at the young

ay that," William laughed. "Since you haven't had any rest after your mission, it's only reasonable that I give you at least a half day's leave. I promise this has nothing to do with me." After a pause, he continued to say, "Then go to take care of Edgar after you report to Cathy, okay? This should be kept as a secret. The less people know about it, the better. We need to take into account A Army's reputation. If this information got out to the head of the army, it would be a terrible mess." And then, he heaved a sigh, "We have only half a month before the military drill. If Edgar can't get back on his feet by then, it would be a great loss for him."

Maggie thought about it for a moment. "Half a month... I have faith that he will recover by then. Previously when he was injured severely, he managed to complete a mission only one week after the incident. He either recovers fast or he has immense tolerance for pain." Maggie's eyes were shining with admiration.

William smiled slightly seeing how much his daughter was fascinated by Edgar. How could a father not know what his child was thinking? In addition to that, Eric was not good at keeping secrets. He must have already gossiped happily to everyone about how Edgar had taken advantage of Maggie. Nevertheless, it was still a good thing. He needed to shoulder the responsibility and do something about his daughter and his subordinate. It had nothing to do with favoritism, but it was conducive to Edgar's annual mission. As his direct supervisor, it was highly reasonable that he lent him a helping hand.

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