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   Chapter 1274 Extra Story 29 Of Edgar A Sudden Change

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After expressing his gratitude towards Brian, William hung up the phone. He raised his eyes to look at the military officer, who seemed curious and confused. "Contact the senior military officer from A Army and tell him that the problem has been taken care of. Tell the hospital in our military region to send a helicopter to A City to bring Captain Edgar Gu and Maggie Du back. Send a physician and a surgeon with the helicopter."

"Yes, sir!" The military officer stood at attention and saluted William, before turning around and marching out of the door.

Before long a team consisting of a physician, a surgeon and Daniel boarded the helicopter to A City. Daniel was accompanied by Seahawk and Gerd, the two members of the Falcon Commando. Daniel thought to bring backup with him in case an unexpected situation presented itself. They had to make sure they could bring Edgar and Maggie back to S Army safely.


Edgar peered deep into Maggie's eyes as if he had caught something strange in the girl's eyes. Whatever it was, it was neither affection nor resentment. Her eyes displayed a wide spectrum of ambivalent emotions, making it difficult for him to tell what she was thinking about.

"Did you know that Mr. Brian Long was going to send a team to assist us?" Maggie asked.

Shaking his head in denial, Edgar answered, "I made a guess at the possibility, but I wasn't entirely sure of it. Apparently, Molly was concerned about me so she asked Mr. Long to help us. But none of us knew whether he was considering it or not." After all, XK Intelligence Agency had to follow a certain chain of command before taking a decision. Although they shared a common enemy, Brian could not be seen to be directly involved in their mission. That was probably why it was Eric who had come to their rescue in the end.

Maggie's eyes glazed over and she said, "What if I had failed to crack the code in time?"

A faint smile appeared at the corners of Edgar's mo

erstood that Gerd was lying out of his teeth, at first glance. However, instead of pursuing her curiosity any further, she chalked it up to mindless soldier-talk as it was very common in her line of work. She knew that the best way to deal with them was, plain and simple ignorance.

Meanwhile, the physician and the surgeon watched the scene unfold in front of them silently. In the end, they looked at each other with a smile on their faces and shrugged their shoulders. However, they did not dare to look at Maggie fearing her wrath.

But it was obvious that they knew what Gerd and Seahawk were talking about. Who knew that Eric, the Ruler of Dragon Island would have such a big mouth. As soon as Eric met Daniel, he gave him the full details of what he had seen by adding a bit of exaggeration. Eric told him that he had seen Edgar and Maggie kissing for what seemed to be as long as five minutes and that they would not have stopped if it weren't for their mission.

The two doctors desperately fought the urge to burst into laughter as they feared the consequences of angering someone like Maggie Du. In the end, looking at Edgar, they only thought about one thing— If what Eric had said was true, then the long-standing problem in their military region—Edgar's marriage—would soon be solved.


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