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   Chapter 1273 Extra Story 28 Of Edgar A Sudden Change

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Having realized that arguing with Molly was futile, Maggie reluctantly lay down on the bed. As soon as her exhausted head touched the pillow, she slipped into deep sleep. Maggie had been so worried about Edgar that she completely forgot how tired she was. Putting people's mind at ease was one of the many skills Molly had acquired during her training at the Five Golden Flowers in Britain.

Molly quietly pulled out a quilt from the wardrobe and put it over Maggie before sitting herself down on the chair next to Maggie's bed as she slept. Meanwhile, light in the operation room went off and the surgeons walked out.

"Mr. Brian Long," the surgeon greeted Brian respectfully. Then he reported on Edgar's condition. "Fortunately, the impact of the bullets were blocked by the body armor. Otherwise, his nervous system would have been damaged despite the deviation by three millimeters."

With a grateful nod, Brian said, "Thank you."

"There's no need to thank me. I was just doing my job." The surgeon smiled. "The patient will be taken to the ICU to be observed for twenty-four hours, just to be on the safe side. Hopefully we won't have to worry about anything dangerous."

He gave Brian the assurance he needed and then walked away.

Shortly after the surgeon left, Eric arrived at the hospital in his civilian clothes.

"You're not as efficient as you used to be," Brian commented as soon as Eric walked to his side. After taking a slight glance at Eric, he turned around and walked towards the nearest ward.

Eric shrugged his shoulders and replied, "Even so, I went there earlier than scheduled. XK Intelligence Agency failed to notice that their system had installed a Trojan horse program for an anti-tracking trap, right? If you had found that out sooner, the mission would have gone more smoothly."

Brian cast a cold glance at him, then he withdrew his sight and pushed open the door of the ward. He did so as gently as he could, as if he knew that the people inside the room had been sleeping.

When the door opened, Molly's eyes went straight to Maggie, without a conscious thought. Finding her sound asleep, Molly sighed quietly and crept out

m tone troubled William.

"..." William was taken aback at first, but suddenly his eyes widened, a flare of sudden overwhelming emotion to which he could only stutter. "Mr. Brian Long?"

"Hmm." Brian confirmed his guess and continued, "The crisis at A Army has been solved. However, Edgar sustained heavy injuries during the mission. He was taken into the ICU a while ago. On the contrary, Maggie is safe and is currently resting. She's been through a lot but she is going to be fine. However, it is not safe for the two of them to stay here. I'd advise you to dispatch somebody to take them from here as soon as possible."

"Okay, okay, okay..." William answered immediately. He felt quite relieved to hear that Edgar and Maggie had completed the mission successfully and were in safe hands. "How is Edgar now?" he asked.

"Edgar is awake now. He'll need a lot of rest and medication to make a full recovery, but he'll live," Brian answered in an indifferent tone. "But if possible, you'd better send a doctor with whoever you are sending to take them back."

"Okay, I understand. I'll get right on it. Thank you very much, Mr. Long. If you ever need the assistance of the S Army in the future, please don't hesitate to let us know..." Gradually, the gloomy haze that had inhabited his face was replaced by a big smile. He couldn't be happier to hear that not only was the mission a success but both Edgar and Maggie were safe and sound.

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