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   Chapter 1272 Extra Story 27 Of Edgar A Sudden Change

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Maggie shut her eyes and held her breath out of instinct. All around her the landscape went silent again, cold and stuffy air permeating her nostrils. Suddenly, gunshots cracked into the air again, as loud as thunder, and her prickled skin relaxed, telling her that she wasn't dead. She squinted her eyes open in confusion to find herself surrounded by several men pointing their guns at the killers. Before any of the killers who had pointed their guns at her could react, one by one, bodies started dropping on the floor like lifeless bags of flesh and blood. The man who had pointed a gun at her moments ago was now falling to the ground.

The leader of these killers, upon realizing that the situation was going south, quickly rushed towards Maggie, intending to take her hostage. Unfortunately, he had underestimated Maggie, who was in fact, not as weak as she looked.

She grabbed the part of the leader's hand between the thumb and the index finger and exerted strength with her wrist, quickly turning him around into a chokehold. With one arm out, the hapless soldier was quickly disarmed, then dispatched by a chop across his neck. Maggie had done all this in one breath. As a result, the man who had attempted to take her as hostage had turned into a hostage himself.

"Stop! Don't move!" Maggie threatened, looking at the other killers with an unfaltering determination. "If anybody moves, I will kill him!" Their leader's gun was now in her hands. A quick look into her bloodshot eyes with their dilated pupils confirmed her resolve. She wouldn't hesitate to draw blood if it came to that.

When the men looked at one another, not knowing what to do, they all turned to their leader, who was hinting at them with his eyes. Immediately, everybody knew what he meant. Unfortunately, before they were able to act, all of them were shot to death one by one by the group of men just in the nick of time.

The sight of so many human lives withering away in the blink of an eye shocked Maggie, even though she knew that they all deserved death. Gritting her teeth to restrain her emotions, she watched a man walk towards her. The man cast a glance at her and then squatted to look at Edgar. "Bring him to hos

ction of the sound and saw Brian and Molly striding over towards her with a middle-aged man in a doctor's coat.

Maggie couldn't restrain her emotions as her eyes glazed over at the sight of them. She was blaming herself. Perhaps the man who had rescued them was right by saying that Edgar would not have gotten injured if she had acted a little more quickly.

Molly grasped her hands and consoled her. "Don't worry. We have the best medical staff in there. We've inquired about Edgar's condition. He will be all right!" After taking a short pause, she took a slight glance at the operation room and said, "You must have gone through hell. Get some rest first and let the doctors do their job. Okay?" Maggie hesitated, shaking her head in refusal. Molly looked at her assuringly and said, "Edgar will need somebody to take good care of him after the operation. If you're not well-rested, how are you going to look after him?"

Maggie stood there without a response. She knew that Molly was right, but she didn't want to leave Edgar.

Judging from the expressions on her face, Molly was able to guess what she was thinking. Taking Maggie's hand into hers, she pulled her towards the ward while saying, "Set your heart at ease. He is going to be fine." Taking a pause, she pushed open the door of a ward and pushed Maggie onto the bed. "The one and only thing you have to do at the moment is to get a few hours of sleep so that you will be able to take care of him later."

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