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   Chapter 1271 Extra Story 26 Of Edgar In Danger

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 10218

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It could detect almost any living thing within fifty meters of her, whether it was a man or a dog. This device alone made a big difference in this mission.

As there were interference units around, Maggie and Edgar could not communicate with each other at all. Both of them had to act as they had planned while hoping that nothing unexpected would catch them off-guard.

While Maggie moved forward slowly, Edgar had already gotten close to the abandoned factory swiftly. He hid himself behind a tree and cocked his head out a little to observe his surroundings. The searchlight moved from side to side following its assigned pattern. Every time it passed by his direction Edgar would duck and hide himself behind the tree.

After studying its movement a couple of times Edgar figured out the pattern. As soon as the lights came and left again, he jumped out of cover and made a run for it. Soon, Edgar arrived at the foot of the high wall where the searchlight could no longer reach. After catching his breath, he stopped to listen carefully whether there was sound coming from the sensor stick close to his ears. It was dead silent. Edgar started to feel a little worried as he wondered how Maggie was doing on her side.

However, at that moment, he did not have much time to think about anything else. Edgar took out a grappling gun from his backpack and observed his surroundings with the heat-sensitive sensor to find a suitable place to shoot the hook to attach to the rope. Having found a safe spot, he shot the hook, climbed on the wall and jumped off...

Fortunately, the information Brian had given him was accurate. This was the weakest point in the enemy's defense. This was due to the fact that their opponents never thought that anyone would make past the searchlights.

Edgar hid himself in the shadows, evading the attention of the patrolmen carefully. All the while, he was dreadfully nervous, until he heard the sound of Morse code in his ears. This assured him of Maggie's position.

He replied to Maggie with Morse code and carried on to the next step of the plan. While Maggie was trying to recall the map of the factory she had memorized in her mind, she walked to the place where the most important people were, with the utmost caution.

Maggie was so nervous that she almost forgot to breathe. Although Maggie had all the skills needed to succeed in a mission like this, it was the first time she had to put her knowledge into practice in a real mission. Previously, all she had done were just training simulations. The stakes right now were obviously higher, because if she were to get caught, there would be no coming back from it.

This time her life was on the line.

Maggie followed the high wall carefully, just as they had planned. Although she had gotten very familiar with the place, she still ran into small groups of people every now and then. Fortunately, she had manage to take them out quickly and silently before they could sound the alarms.

When Maggie reached the main control room where the enemy's ho

t could prepare her for this pain as she looked at the lifeless man, unwilling to accept the truth.

All of a sudden, someone appeared in front of her. Before Maggie could realize what was happening, she saw the gun pointed straight at her. Maggie, bereft of all fear and sense, walked forward as if she no longer cared about the gun pointed at her.

The man holding the rifle was startled by Maggie's reaction. He planned to take her hostage so he could extract information from her.

"Are you the one who hacked into our system and deleted our files?" He raised his voice to her as he loaded a bullet into the chamber. With one pull of the trigger he could end her life, then and there.

Maggie, however, did not respond to him as she kept walking towards Edgar. The image of his face covered in blood was all that occupied her mind. His body was covered in blood. She couldn't even tell whether it was from him or someone else. The only thing Maggie knew was that there was a lifeless body lying on the ground.

Disregarding the man with the gun, Maggie dropped to the floor. All she had was a tranquillizer gun, and the man she loved deeply for so many years was lying in a pool of blood.

"Uncle Three..." Maggie called Edgar, with a vacant look in her eyes, subconsciously by the nickname she had given him, , "Uncle Three..."

But there was no response. Maggie shook his body, but Edgar was still there lifeless. Her lungs heaved and she knew there was no cure for her heart.

The man was now just a few inches away from her but her tears filled her eyes and blocked her vision. Out of sheer instinct, she turned her grief into anger and raised her hand to seize the gun and kicked the man down.

"Ah..." Maggie turned the gun around and pointed it to his face. Tears ran down her face while she screamed at him with all her might, "You give me back my Uncle Three..."

"Bam!" Just before Maggie pulled the trigger, she heard the sound of a gunshot. Then everything became still, as silence filled the cold air. .

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