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   Chapter 1270 Extra Story 25 Of Edgar In Danger

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"What's the matter? What is going on?" Maggie's eyes rolled to the left and then to the right, but she didn't dare to move her face in fear of being found out by the people who were watching them secretly.

Then all of a sudden, Edgar held Maggie's head in his hands and pulled her towards him. Before Maggie could react, Edgar's lips covered her mouth as she melted into his arms.

Maggie's pupils dilated and her eyes blinked involuntarily. Almost instantaneously, her brain was electrified, pumping fresh rivers of adrenaline into her veins. His kiss caused heat to engulf her body and she allowed it.

Edgar squinted his eyes to the sides and then to the back of Maggie's head and his eyes suddenly turned cold, as if hell had frozen over. His plan was to kiss Maggie so he could look for the people behind her without letting them know what his real intention was. But now he found himself completely immersed in the kiss.

The taste of Maggie's kiss reminded him of milk and honey. Finding it hard to control his desires, he allowed his tongue to go further inside her mouth and taste every part of it.

Maggie closed her eyes and allowed Edgar to do so as he pleased. She even acted back to Edger's move. His warm lips were gently, but firm. Maggie wondered if this was how everyone felt when they were kissing as she merely associated this feeling with being drunk. It felt as though she had finished a whole bottle of wine by herself and each cell of her body had been ignited. She had lost all control over herself and given Edgar full rein to plunder her mind, body and soul.

"Uh-huh..." The caress of his lips were softer than she could have imagined and she opened her mouth with a low moan.

Maggie's voice brought Edgar back to his senses. He immediately pulled apart and looked at Maggie as she gasped for air. He could feel her face flushing because of the heat, even though it was still dark at that moment.

"Let's go," Edgar said calmly, pulling Maggie's hand and walking ahead.

Maggie allowed Edgar to take full control over her body. Her mind was still reeling in from what had just happened. With a shy expression on her face, she followed Edgar and walked behind him silently. In everyone else's eyes, Maggie and Edgar were jus

ted. As a peace offering, he promised that he would grant one of Maggie's wishes after this mission in compensation for what he did earlier. Without uttering a word, Maggie simply nodded to indicate her approval.

Of course, Maggie had to do that. They were not young lovers squabbling over who was right or wrong. Their aim was their mission, which was the most important thing at hand.

The plan was simple. Edgar would draw the enemy away so that Maggie could hack into their system and delete all the files about A Army. It sounded easy enough, but in reality the place was packed with interference units and all electric devices were useless here. This meant that Maggie would have to go and access the computer manually. The mission required thorough diligence and that was why Edgar chose Maggie. First of all, Maggie was a military information technology specialist. Soldiers like her dealt with highly sensitive information and needed to have the technical skills and aptitude for programming and computer languages. Secondly, Maggie had a black belt in taekwondo and was good at kickboxing, which meant that she was more than capable to deal with any hostile situations.

Maggie had a very advanced device which Brian had given her. At first, she was shocked when she realized that an ordinary information organization even had devices that were far more advanced than the FBI of M Country. She witnessed the amazing functions of this device when she moved forward by just a few hundred meters.

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