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   Chapter 1269 Extra Story 24 Of Edgar Another Accident

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"You didn't marry her though." Maggie rolled her eyes, despising his explanation. "I think you just can't forget his wife. That's why you are still single after so many years."

Edgar sighed and shook his head. Finding it hard to communicate with a young girl about such a topic, he stopped talking about it. "Go to sleep now. Tomorrow morning, we will check out the landscape at 04:00." Then he focused on piecing the devices together again.

Maggie rolled her eyes before she retired to the bedroom. After taking a shower, she crawled into the king-size bed. But after she closed her eyes, she simply couldn't fall asleep.

Lying on her bed, she could still hear the sounds of metal pieces brushing together from the other room. She checked her watch, which showed 01:00. There were only three hours left before the start of the mission. Only the two of them were on this mission. They had to enter their enemy's base of operations in secret and retrieve the data stolen from them. It was not going to be an easy task.

Their enemy was also in the intelligence business. Of course, they would have specialists to protect their base from any external threat. She wasn't really scared, but she did have one thing that she wanted to do before anything happened to her during the mission. She wanted to confess to Edgar. It would be so unfortunate if she were to die without telling him of her true feelings for him.

When these thoughts crossed her mind, she gradually became drowsy and finally fell asleep. When it was 03:30, she suddenly woke up. She checked the time again, and listened intently but there were no more sounds coming from the other room.

Then she got up and washed her face. After putting

e devices which he had been working on for the entire night. When they put their backpacks on, they looked like ordinary hikers.

"Hmm..." On their way, Maggie realized that the atmosphere between them had grown quite tense so she tried to break the awkward silence. "With our current speed, are you sure that we can make it there before dawn?"

Edgar glanced sidelong at Maggie but didn't reply.

Maggie pouted, feeling even more embarrassed now. She couldn't help muttering under her breath, "It wasn't my fault. I didn't cause the accident. Why are you putting on a poker face? Besides, I was the victim, not you! I was accidentally kissed by you, twice! You are an old man, yet I didn't complain. Why do you seem so disgruntled?"

Abruptly, Edgar stopped walking and spun around to look at Maggie. His fierce eyes seemed to shine with a light which invaded and penetrated her soul.

Maggie, too, stopped and fixed her eyes on him. Looking around, she asked, "Yes? Is something wrong?"

She kept her voice low and waited for his reply.

Strangely, she started to feel nervous as he simply stared at her wthout uttering a word.

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