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   Chapter 1268 Extra Story 23 Of Edgar Another Accident

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Edgar wasn't perturbed by Brian's words.

He simply said, "You owe me a favor. This is what I need now. You can pay me back with it." Molly replied brightly, "Edgar, you have learned to become shameless in the army. Ha-ha." After joking, she suddenly turned serious. "Daniel called Bri this afternoon. Since both of you requested it, Bri is sure to help."

Upon hearing this Edgar felt relieved. He turned to look at Brian, waiting for his answer. Brian took a file from his drawer and handed it to him. "Take this, but keep in mind that we are now even!"

After Edgar took the file, Brian added, "That's all I can do for you. As for how you care to proceed? That's none of my business."

Edgar grinned. "This is all I want. Thank you."

"Let Tony drive you back," Brian said flatly. "If everything goes as planned, you won't have much time to prepare."

Edgar nodded and left with Maggie. By the time they reached the hotel, it was already midnight.

Maggie shut the door and asked, "Why didn't he pass you the file while we were having dinner?"

Edgar opened the file, taking out the papers and replied, "I don't think he had this information at that time."

Then he flipped through the file, one page after another. On every page, there was information regarding a member of their opponents, from the leaders to the common members. The important ones even had photos attached to it. Even though most of the photos were not clear views from the front, he was still surprised by the efficiency of XK. Their power was simply intimidating.

Maggie was also reading the information. She couldn't help but murmur, "Could he have known beforehand that you were coming? Did he get a head start on collecting the information?" Then she turned to look at Edgar, anticipating a con

ment towards Edgar was only because she hated his personal life. Everything else was still a mighty mix of desire to her.

Edgar looked intently at Maggie and seemed to notice something for the first time. Abruptly, he asked, "Maggie, could it be…

you are in love with me?" Maggie's face blushed a hot pink now and her heart first skipped a beat and then pounded like a racehorse's. "What? What did you say? How can you be so conceited? You are more than a dozen years older than me! How can you even suggest such a thing?"

His eyes hardened and he coldly said, "Good to hear that. Just for your information, I have no interest in young, immature girls."

"Right. You only have interest in other men's wives," Maggie blurted out before she could stop herself. The moment she finished, she almost wanted to kill herself right there in front of him or vanish into thin air. Why was she so obsessed with that?

Edgar sat down on the floor and put on a meaningful smile. "When I was interested in Molly, Brian hadn't even appeared yet. If it weren't for my career in the military, I would have been together with Molly and Brian would be the intruder in my relationship. Understand?"

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