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   Chapter 1267 Extra Story 22 Of Edgar Another Accident

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Brian walked straight to Edgar. After taking a seat opposite from Edgar, he lightly glanced at Maggie before he ordered some food. Then he asked, "Is it about the data leakage?" Brian came straight to the point.

Maggie suddenly opened her eyes wide, and they were brimmed with surprise. Brian was definitely the most handsome man that she had ever seen. What surprised her even more though wasn't his looks, but the fact that he knew about the top secret data leakage in the army.

Edgar nodded. He knew how powerful Brian was, so he wasn't surprised. As the leader of the most power intelligence agency, XK, Brian could find out every detail in A City if he wanted. Since Edgar had approached Brian, of course Brian would have easily figured out the purpose of their visit.

"Yes," answered Edgar. Then he looked at Maggie and introduced her, "This is Maggie. She is from the National Defense University, and was assigned to my brigade earlier this year. Her instructor is Cathy but she normally reports to Daniel."

Maggie smiled courteously, but behind the smile, she hid her confusion. 'Who is this man? It seems that he knows Cathy and Daniel really well, ' she wondered.

Maggie's doubts didn't escape Edgar's notice. Eyeing Brian, he then told Maggie, "This is Brian Long, Daniel's brother-in-law." Maggie's mouth opened wide in shock. She forced herself to keep calm, or else she might have screamed out in surprise when she learned of this profound information. Even though she wasn't a scout, she'd still heard from somewhere that Daniel's brother-in-law was someone really important. As to who the man really was and what power he really held, she had never been able to figure that out.

But... Judging from his appearance, especially in this era when people were mostly judged by their outward appearances, she could sense that Brian must be someone really important. He was wearing a classy business suit, but there was a special presence about him, which made him seem both composed and confident. He was the typical man whom almost all girls would dream of having, handsome and enchanting.

'It must have something to do with his identity, ' she concluded still mystified.

Brian's keen, falcon-like eyes narrowed and his attention focused on Maggie's fa

ggie stood next to him, peering over his shoulder at the information as well. Edgar briefly glanced at her before he started flipping through the materials. Actually he had already been privy to most of the information gathered there. Though some of the information was valuable, it was not enough to devise an actionable plan.

With furrowing brows, Edgar raised his head and inquired, "Is that all?"

Leaning back onto his desk, Brian answered flatly, "You know, XK has its rules. If you want more, you have to pay."

"I don't have that kind of money." Edgar shrugged indifferently. "The only thing that might interest you..." he continued, glancing at Molly and then concluded, "is already with you. What do you want from me?" After a brief pause, he added, "The longer it takes, the more disastrous the situation is becoming. I have actually come to personally ask for your help."

Brian frowned, annoyance registering on his face. "Mol is mine, not yours!" The tone of his voice was firm and he left Edgar no room for any argument.

Pursing her lips, Molly smiled sweetly at the answer. When she looked at Brian, her entire face was filled with joy and love, as if she were still a young girl in love. This was actually a small hobby of hers. Brian was the type of man who was ice cold on the outside, but his heart was always warm. Molly couldn't expect any romance from a man like this, so the only thing left to her was to find joy and contentment in foiling Brian's wild and determined claims over her.

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