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   Chapter 1265 Extra Story 20 Of Edgar Awkward

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Soon after Maggie got out, she realized that she shouldn't have made that promise just now. She noticed William winking at her repeatedly. After mulling it over for a while she concluded that it must have been Edgar's trap.

"What are you thinking about?"

Maggie did not realize that Edgar was standing in front of her, as he spoke not in his usual tone, but in a soft and low voice.

Maggie's hair had covered her face as she looked down at her toes, scratching her foot on the ground from time to time. Without a conscious thought, she answered, "I was just wondering if... Edgar had anything to do with what happened today." Right after she said that she raised her head and her eyes met with Edgar's deep, captivating eyes. Startled, with her jaw dropped to the floor, she had forgotten how to shut her mouth which remained open.

"Do you think I set a trap for you?"

Edgar asked, "Are you disrespecting your superior again?"

Maggie gasped, almost immediately covering her mouth with her hands. Ever since she came to the army, she had been punished many times and she had had enough. "No! Who said that?"

Feigning astonishment and outrage, she blinked rapidly, whipping her head about. "Captain, who would dare to say such a thing? Whoever it was, they need to be punished accordingly for passing such false comments about the captain."

Edgar was amused by the way Maggie changed her face even more faster than the weather did in March. He chuckled and said, "I will see you at the gate in half an hour."

As soon as he said that, he narrowed his eyes and leered at her as he walked around her to his office upstairs.

Maggie sighed in exasperation, mumbling to herself in frustration. She glanced at the meeting room and turned around to walk back to the lounge. The only three people present in the lounge were actually waiting for her. When they saw her come in, they surrounded her.

"Maggie, did you make another mistake?"

Jake took pleasure in her misfortune.

Edith pushed him aside and said, "How many kilometers will you have to run this time?"

"You are all so evil and heartless and... How could you guys be enjoying this? Do you even deserve to be my friends?"

Garth rolled his eyes at her, completely disrega

d attempted a quick recovery. "Sir, how can you have such dirty thoughts?"

Edgar didn't mind her and casually replied, "If you didn't have such dirty eyes, I wouldn't have such dirty thoughts..."

Without further ado, he dragged a suitcase and walked outside. "Our flight leaves in one hour. If you don't want to be late, you should go now."

Maggie was rendered speechless by Edgar's blithe indifference. Infuriated, she grabbed the suitcase by the handle and dragged it outside. Gritting her teeth in anger, she mumbled, "You're a dirty... How dare you call me dirty? I looked at you as open as the day, huh!"

Maggie believed that her voice wasn't loud enough, but Edgar still heard her. However, he didn't trouble the little girl by telling her the truth. Instead, he showed a faint smile.

The girl was in her twenties. It was time for her to start dating, so she restlessly daydreamed about the man, which was not a big deal, as it was no different from a man who liked to fantasize about a beautiful woman. Needless to say, Edgar came to this conclusion because as the head of the special soldiers, he needed to understand the mentality of those around him. Only by being so analytical was he able to qualify as not only a special soldier, but a high-ranking official.

Edgar was a shrewd judge of character but the only person he ever failed to see through was... Brian Long! That man took sophistication to a whole new level. What you understood was what he wanted you to understand.

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