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   Chapter 1264 Extra Story 19 Of Edgar A Special Mission For Two People

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He spoke in a plain tone, but Maggie could understand the severity of such an incident. The Ice Wolf Special Battle Regiment was a new experimentally strengthened unit established by the Headquarters of the General Staff. Although none of the other military regions knew it well, once their military data was made public, it would mean that all the efforts they had made for years would be in vain. To make it worse, the consequences would be both predictable and unpredictable and the butterfly effect would be uncontrolled.

"Sir, do you mean that you want me to find a way to get the military data back?" Maggie asked. Then she looked at Edgar. "Together with our senior captain?"

With a nod, the Brigadier General elaborated, "We don't know who is included among our opponents, or even their real identity. We don't know to what extent the military data has been disclosed either. Besides, for the purpose of absolute confidentiality, we can't entrust many people for this mission. The response team should meet strict requirements in every aspect and be able to cooperate with each other perfectly. Colonel Edgar recommended you to me. In consideration of the unpredictable risks and with all respect, I wanted to hear your opinion first."

If Maggie showed signs of doubt, she could be putting her partner's life at risk. In such a case, they would not succeed in carrying out the mission, and the two of them would likely be killed, with the mission failing miserably. Of course, that was not a result the Brigadier General desired.

Hearing the Brigadier General's words, Maggie cast her eyes to the side to look at Edgar. She wasn't aware of the fact that he thought so highly of her. Perhaps, she would have had a different impression of him if she didn't think that there was something wrong with his public display of sexual behavior. E

Headquarters of the General Staff." With a faint smile toying at the corners of his mouth, he finished his sentence, "In my opinion, you'd better think carefully on how to deal with this furor and its explanation to the Headquarters of the General Staff in the end, sir." When he finished saying that, his brows furrowed slightly. Then he stood up and saluted everybody who had a higher military rank than him. Finally, he picked up his formal hat from the desk and settling it in place, left the conference room.

Edgar might have seemed arrogant, but given his vast experience, he was qualified to act in this way. Besides, he had previously been demoted by two levels. Before that, his military rank had been higher than everyone present, with the exception of William. Although his military rank had been lowered, his self-assurance and arrogance remained intact. However, nobody present questioned his right to be imposing as he was still most capable and he carried an aura of dominance.

When Edgar left the room, he suddenly stopped dead in his tracks. Just ahead of him, Maggie, was kicking the floor with her toes, her hands clasped behind her back. When he looked at her almost child-like action, his eyes grew distant.

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