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   Chapter 1263 Extra Story 18 Of Edgar A Special Mission For Two People

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The other girl, Edith, also came from a military family in X City. She didn't want to spend long hours on the road to visit her parents either. In the end, she decided to join Garth and Jake, in traveling around S City.

"Maggie, are you going to join us?" Jake asked excitedly.

With helplessness on her face, Maggie answered, "No, I'm afraid that I can't. My mother said that if I don't return home to spend a couple of days with her, she will disown me."

When he heard that, Jake's smile faded and he expressed his sympathy for Maggie. The other two seemed disappointed to hear that too. After all, the four of them had spent the past five months together and had built a deep friendship with one another. All of them wanted to be together even when going out to play.

"Well, why don't you all stay in my apartment?"

Maggie suggested. "I bought a small apartment near my college so I wouldn't have to travel from my parent's home all the time. If you don't mind, you guys can stay there. When I finish meeting my mother, I will go there and join you."

"That sounds great!" Edith said. Her eyes shone as soon as she heard Maggie's suggestion. "I heard that there are a lot of delicious delis near the gate of your college." As a foodie, her eyes lit up like Christmas lights as the mere thought of food.

Maggie nodded in confirmation. Then they began discussing the plan for the three-day vacation. In the end, they decided that on the first day the other three would do what they wanted to do in the city, and that on the second day Maggie would join them and guide them on a tour around S City. It would be more interesting if her two bosom friends also came home. In that case, they would also come along so they could play and have fun together. Maggie felt excited at the mere thought of the fun they would have. Needless to say, she was looking forward to the vacation.

"Maggie Du!"


confidential reasons. The reason why I'm here today is that I want to ask for your help with something."

Maggie was surprised and confused. After all, everybody else here had a military rank higher than her. If he wanted her to do something, he could have just given her an order. She didn't know why he had decided to ask her for help instead.

"In consideration to the special nature of this incident, after reporting to the Headquarters of the General Staff, our military region came to Colonel Edgar for help. This was because we thought that since he once worked as the mayor of A City for several years, he knows the circumstances in A City well. Therefore, it would be relatively easy for him to take action," the Brigadier General explained when he saw the confusion on Maggie's face. "You might think that we're supposed to know A City better than Colonel Edgar? Yes, you would be right to think that.

We also wanted to take action by ourselves." As his face clouded over, he continued, "But unfortunately, due to an unexpected disclosure of military data, the information concerning everybody in A Army has been divulged. As a result, we dared not take any action until now for fear that the military data of any planned actions would have been made public."

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