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   Chapter 1262 Extra Story 17 Of Edgar A Special Mission For Two People

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On her way back to the base, she returned, not only with the troops but also in the company of her dispirited mood. It took more than two hours for the military vehicle to return from the hospital with their troop. It was not until now that Maggie learned from the others that the reason why she had been sent to the General Military Hospital was because there was no appropriate equipment at the medical care center on base to deal with the pollutants in her respiratory tract. They had feared she might suffer permanent damage due to the chemicals involved in the lab fire.

After they arrived at the base, Cathy and the other members of the technical instruction team all expressed their sincerest concerns for Maggie's health. Maggie was given half a day's leave, which was a rare occurrence in the special forces. The only good news was that she would not have to attend their training until tomorrow. In Eagle Special Brigade, people who didn't perform at a high standard would be eliminated from the team. Everybody had to survive hardships and even bullets. As a girl who had by herself chosen to join the army, Maggie wasn't a tomboy and suffered no pretentiousness.

And of course, she hadn't forgotten about the ten kilometers' run ordered by Edgar. Ever since she left college and joined the basic unit, Maggie had been writing self-criticism reports and facing punishments decreed by Edgar every now and then. As a result, she had become quite tough during the course of her time here.

Despite the remaining weakness and some shortness of breath, she began running, drawing the attention of lots of people passing by. At the same time, the medical officer, Hackett Shu's sighs could be heard in the medical care center of the Eagle Special Brigade.

"Let me have a look! Your wounds are starting to open up again,"

Hackett said in a helpless and concerned tone while applying medicine to the burns on Edgar's back. "I understand your great passion for work, but you should also look after your own health and life. The girl has only just joined the basic level unit, so it's natural that she is stubborn. However, is it necessary for you, an injured leader, to go to the hospital to see her only in order to check up on her mental state? If I were your boss, I would have been angry with you too."

er dust explosion, she finally chose to put up a military tent on the corner. The first reason for her doing this was that it was summer, and she would feel cool but not cold in the shaded corner, where the tent was located. The second reason was that it would be easier to escape in case of any emergency.

Because of the explosion in the laboratory, Daniel had intensified the training of the soldiers, including escape and smoke bomb training. This was in accordance of the training for the Falcon Commando.

Two months had passed since the explosion in the laboratory. Maggie and the three other students had been in the Eagle Special Brigade for five months now. During this period of time, all the four students had grown through their experiences, as if they were reborn. Their progress had taken a much greater leap in performance than anyone else who had gone to any other basic level unit.

One day, the students were discussing an upcoming vacation that would last for three glorious days. Since Maggie's home was in S City, she was able to go back home and enjoy the vacation with her family. Both Garth and Jake were from A City, which was quite a distance away from S City. The three-day vacation was not enough for them to go back. If they chose to go home, it would be too expensive to take a plane, and it would take too long to take a train. Besides, they would only be able to spend one day at home then. In consideration to these factors, they decided that they would travel around the city instead of going back home.

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