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   Chapter 1261 Extra Story 16 Of Edgar A Special Mission For Two People

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Maggie sat up abruptly.

With a sneer, Edgar said, "You'd better restrain yourself. Otherwise you may not be so lucky next time." After saying that, he took a slightly disdainful glance at Maggie. Then he turned around, intending to walk from the room. However, he stopped in his tracks and turned back. Turning his head slightly to glance sideways at the girl who was glaring at him, he said, "Don't forget the ten kilometers' run."

Gritting her teeth, Maggie clenched her hands tightly into two fists, in order to restrain the fury in her body which was about to explode. With her eyes wide open, she glared at Edgar's strapping back as if to burn it into her memory. She held a burning fury in her blazing eyes until he disappeared from sight.

"Ah..." Maggie roared in a low, but restrained tone. Then she let herself fall back on the sickbed.

She was all right now. The mild headache had dissipated. Besides, a minor discomfort didn't matter to a little Eagle who needed to be tempered. Fortunately, Daniel had arranged smoke survival training for them previously. Otherwise, she might not have survived the burning inferno of the laboratory.

All of a sudden, Maggie's eyes widened again as something about the laboratory suddenly occurred to her. Immediately, she sat up and tensely looked around. However, she didn't see what she was looking for and started to feel anxious. In a hurry, she threw back the quilt covering her and scrambled out of the bed. Without even donning slippers, she hastily searched the room for the stack of documents which she was missing. When she had finally made sure that they were not in the room, she felt very disappointed and her face took on a desperate look.

"Excuse me!"

somebody's voice came through the door. Despite her terrible mental state, Maggie glanced slightly in the direction of the door. Sulkily, she answered, "Come in!"

Several people walked in as the door was pushed open from the outside. Maggie looked up to see Elijah and the other three students of the technical instruction team. They all gave her a formal military salute.

This was because they were in the General Military Hospital now. Although Maggie didn't think of them as her subordinates, despite their lower military ranks, their words and actions

k at Edith in exasperation and ask, "He also what?!" Earlier on, Maggie noticed how Elijah and Garth had silenced Jake. Moreover, Edith's hesitation to speak her mind was starting to become frustrating.

"He rescued you out of the fire," Edith said with a stiff smile at the corners of her mouth. "You had lost consciousness by then. We were all scared to see you like that. We feared the worst. Maggie, I want to tell you a secret," she shifted the topic of the conversation all of a sudden. With a shy blush creeping onto her face, she continued, "Well, I want to pursue the senior captain and make him my lover."

Almost immediately, Maggie felt her heart skip a beat. She tried her best to keep her calm and not let on any sign of her disquiet. With a false smile on her lips, she asked, "Don't you know that

he's fourteen years older than you."

"For a great relationship between a man and a woman," Edith said while clenching her hands into fists over her chest and immersing herself into her own fantasy before continuing breathlessly, "age doesn't matter, neither do differences in rank. Have you ever paid attention to the senior captain's perfect appearance? He's so handsome with such a rugged appeal and, oh, his stature, his physical strength, and... Aha..."

She didn't finish her sentence, but Maggie could easily guess what she was going to say based on the lewd smile dancing on her face. Without a conscious thought, the corners of Maggie's mouth twitched downwards. She wasn't happy to hear this.

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