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   Chapter 1260 The Extra Story 15 Of Edgar Ascribing It To My Insufficient Experience

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When he moved her, he noticed a wet towel wrapped around something in her arms. He saw that Maggie held the pile of data firmly in her arms. He guessed that she had wanted to escape through the window, but before she could manage it, she had fainted.

Edgar arched his back and lifted her up from the floor, cradling her in his arms like a father carrying his child to bed. He paused and bean-sized sweat began to trickle down his forehead.

The door before him had already disappeared in a wall of fire. If he tried to walk out through the door, Maggie would be burnt to a crisp by the fire. Although he didn't mind the fire as he was fully protected in the fire suit, his concern was for Maggie's safety.

At that moment, his sharp eyes squinted as he made a chilling decision. He took his fireproof suit off and wrapped her in it.

With the supply of oxygen, she began to wake up little by little. She opened her eyes weakly, and was confronted by Edgar's sweating face. Everything seemed to blur back to the year when she was nine years old. At that time, he was only a cadet wearing a red epaulet. When he had saved her from the bandit, he had also held her against his chest like he did now. Then she had also looked up at the profile of his face as he had carried her to safety.

Ten years had passed, and she never thought that this scene would repeat again. However, she was no longer the little girl she used to be. Strangely, he seemed to be the boy he had always been, calm in the face of danger.

"I never expected..." Maggie said faintly, her voice sounding vague. "the scene... to be repeated..."

Edgar lowered his eyes and glared at Maggie. He figured that walking low would limit the amount of damage. "You should not talk now... Humph, I will talk with you afterwards!"

Maggie did not know why she laughed then. Maybe she just only realized that his angry voice was the sweetest sound in the world now. She opened her eyes feebly. She was aware that she should keep awake

n Maggie lay down earlier, she had realized that she had called his name, but she now decided to deny it, "When did I address you by your name, sir?"

Edgar knew she was playing games with him.

"It doesn't matter, it is my order."


Through her lifetime, Maggie wondered how her mother managed her father. But after she married to Edgar, she became the one who was managed.

"I am a patient!" Maggie curled her lip and said pitifully, "I need to rest."

"I have spoken with the doctor." Edgar continued with a sly smile, "If you wake up, you should be fine. In any case, every member of the Eagle needs to go through smoke training." He taunted her. "So the so-called top student doesn't have a big threshold for pain?

Maggie was outraged. How could this kind of superior exist in the world? How could this kind of man be allowed to live in the world?

"Okay, I have no choice but to follow your orders."

Maggie's only weakness was that she could not stand the sarcasm of others.

Seeing Maggie grinding her teeth, Edgar knitted his brows. If this flaw of hers was not corrected in time, something bad would happen sooner or later.

"What a disappointment!" Edgar sighed.

Hearing what he said, Maggie could not bear it anymore. "Edgar, what do you mean?"

She glared at him, her heart in her throat.

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