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   Chapter 1259 The Extra Story 14 Of Edgar Ascribing It To My Insufficient Experience

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"Ambitious!" This was the only evaluation of Maggie that Daniel gave. "At times when it seems like she's going to give up, the moment she hears someone say that she can't do something, something comes over her and she becomes a different person capable of struggling through any hardship." As he spoke, he laughed, "Alas, what a pity! If she were male, I'd be bound to let her become a member of the Falcon Commando by all means. I have to admit she has potential."

"Does a bullet have gender?"

Daniel was stunned by this strange question and said, "No. But it's a lot harder for a woman to make it in the military than a man."

Suddenly Daniel froze and stared at Edgar with wide-eyes. "Sir, do you mean..."

"I do not mean anything. We can not force her to make her decisions, but... If she would like to try, that would be a completely different matter,"

Edgar uttered these ambiguous words carefully.

Maggie was the only daughter of William. Although there was a plan to organize a women's commando, he did not believe that her father would ever allow her to join the commando. Granted that her father had given the green light, her mother, also a senior military officer, would certainly not permitted it.

"How are the preparations for the practise drill against Dragon Island going?"

Edgar asked again.

"No problems." Daniel replied confidently, "I've been thinking about how we could improve our training regime. Fortunately, ever since my brother-in-law came here, Cathy has managed to steal a lot of ideas from him."

"But never underestimate that man." Edgar took a sip from his tea cup. "I have dealt with Eric many times before, and there is always more than meets the eye with him."

Daniel could not agree more. Owing to the good relation he had with his sister, Molly, Daniel had contacted the members of the military base on the Dragon Island. He found out about the Dragon Island from his brother-in-law and he knew that the Dragon Island had enjoyed such a swift development, not by accident.

They chatted about the coming drill with the Dragon Island next month, oblivious to th

he datum and other research data.

Trying hard to remember the layout of the lab from the only time he came here, Edgar had a vague recollection of the floor plan of the lab. But when she began to work here, he never came here, so he did not know whether they had changed the layout of the lab or not.

It did not mean that he did not care about the experiment. However he knew that Maggie had built up a psychological resistance to him, so he had stayed away from the lab and avoided meeting her, in case he negatively influenced the research.

"Maggie..." Edgar called out to her. As he saw the fire swallowing everything around him through the fire mask, he was even more worried. Fortunately, due to the lack of oxygen the fire wasn't able to spread throughout the entire floor, but the thick smoke that surrounded him could easily cause a person to choke to death.

"Maggie... Maggie... If you can hear me, please answer... Maggie..." He shouted with a muffled voice from under the mask, but he still managed to call her name and search for her calmly.

All of a sudden, Edgar widened his eyes, then he sprinted toward a corner.

"Maggie, Maggie..." Edgar shook Maggie's body as he called her name, but she did not react. He drew a deep breath of oxygen. Then he put his oxygen mask and another spare fire mask on Maggie's head. He carried her in his arms and prepared to leave the burning inferno.

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