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   Chapter 1258 The Extra Story 13 Of Edgar Ascribing It To My Insufficient Experience

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After hearing what Cathy had said, Maggie could do nothing but grind her teeth in secret.

As a member of the military, she had to try her best to fulfill the tasks given to her by her superiors, regardless of the process and consequence. Edgar emphasized that it was a military order, which meant that there was nothing she could do to slip out of it.

Indeed, he was an evil man!

Maggie stood in the research lab, yelling at the wall. Maggie wished she could stand on top of a mountain and scream her heart out.

After venting her frustrations to the wall, Maggie gathered her emotions and set about making preparations for her research. Although she was mad at Edgar, Maggie was delighted to be involved in a research project on the trajectory of changing wind resistance.

Maggie was not the type to complain about her problems, instead, the greater the pressure she suffered, the more actively she would face it. She was a thorough masochist!

Once the research was underway, it became a part of her daily routine. Elijah was transferred to assist Maggie as he had extensive experience with firearms. The both of them conducted the research driven by excitement everyday, except on days when they had training sessions with the Falcon Commando. Luckily, Daniel showed them more leniency than Edgar did. Thanks to Daniel, both Maggie and Elijah were given temporarily leave from survival training, allowing them more time to conduct their research.

"Maggie, give it a shot now!"

Elijah looked at the 86S sniper rifle in his hand as he offered it to her.

Maggie pursed her lips and swallowed tensely, feeling a bit nervous. "Okay..." As soon as she felt the touch of the weapon in her hand, her eyes lit up. "Vice-commander, I heard that... you are one of the most spectacular sharpshooters in the reconnaissance company... I suggest that you should be the one to conduct the test fire,"

Maggie said that because she wanted to see his marksmanship, and she was unwilling to showcase her own inferior skills. More importantly, they were being watched by Edgar.

Elijah shook his head and refused without hesitation. "Nope. I plan to devote myself to research from now. And since, I have decided to make research my priority, I've had less time to practice my marksmanship."

He paused for a moment and frowned before addin

, it could be ascribed to my insufficient experience."

Gerd kept silent. After Elijah signaled Gerd to hand over the sniper rifle to him, Maggie added, "It is time for you to go back to your training. Thank you very much for your valuable time!"

"Glad to be of help!"

Looking at the soldiers' glum departure, Maggie felt upset all of a sudden.

After Elijah said a few comforting words to raise their spirits, both he and Maggie returned to the lab. Two months had passed by and she still had nothing to show for it. Although she had mastered the theoretical knowledge, it was vastly different when applying it in practice.

"Argh!" Maggie scratched her head and she felt like she was going insane. "The ideals are a sham while the realities are cruel. Oh, where am I getting it wrong?"

She flipped through the thick datum as she scratched her ears and cheeks anxiously.

Elijah had grown accustomed to her way of dealing with failure. He left her to her own devices knowing that she would recover from her despair and come back in high spirits again, after some time.

He shook his head and stifled a smile as he realized that she looked like a squirrel washing its face when she was scratching her head.

Edgar heard Daniel's report, and the corners of his mouth raised up to form a faint smile. After he greeted Daniel and offered him a seat, Edgar said, "She is pretty good. Maggie has truly lived up to the reputation of her school. She has performed much better than I expected." As he spoke, he asked, "How is the daily training going?"

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