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   Chapter 1257 Extra Story 12 Of Edgar Rumors

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William visited the Eagle Special Brigade, accompanied by just his secretary and a signaller. The main purpose of his trip was to make sure that Edgar was fine. Besides, he invested a great amount of time in this incident and hoped that no more load would be put on Edgar's mind.

When he entered the camp building, William saw Edgar chatting with somebody on the phone, laughing and joking. Immediately, he realized that his trip was completely unnecessary. Edgar had once been under his direct command when he was in the Reconnaissance Company. He knew Edgar quite well, so he should not have doubted his psychological strength in the first place.

When he saw William standing at the door of his office, Edgar intended

"I think we should let her try. If we succeed, our military will enjoy the benefits of her labor.

"Hmm," Edgar said. "Give her access to a laboratory for her research, but only as long as she doesn't miss her daily training."

Cathy frowned. In a doubtful tone, she asked, "Sir, they have already begun training with the Falcon Commando. Do you think she will be able to bear the intensity of the training and work at the laboratory at the same time?"

"Don't worry. Mankind's potential is limitless. People don't usually tap into it unless they are pushed into a corner with no other choice," Edgar said with a smirk. Then he added, "Tell her it is an order, and that we need results as soon as possible."


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