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   Chapter 1256 Extra Story 11 Of Edgar Rumors

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Maggie and the other three were yet to attend a field training with the Falcon Commando. They were told in the beginning that they would be joining them after three months in the camp. And now, the three months were almost up. Maggie engaged herself in a pensive mood while walking idly along the corridors of the camp. Edgar's soft face, which was mostly cold and resolute, came to her mind.

"400-meter steeplechase," a thick voice boomed loudly on the ground. "If you take more than one minute and fifteen seconds to complete it, you won't be able to join Eagle! Now tell me. Are you fit to be in Eagle?"

"Yes, sir!"

the soldiers bellowed in chorus, their resolute voices tearing through the sky above them.


Edgar said crisply. His face was calm and cool. "Let's start with Daniel. Those of you who fail to meet my requirement will have to swim ten kilometers carrying your weapons with you."

"Yes, sir!"

Despite the distance, Maggie could still feel the manly impetus from Edgar and the Falcon Commando from where she was standing. One by one, they began the 400-meter steeplechase. Maggie felt her heart rise to her throat as she watched their rigorous training.

Rapid response forces generally required their squad members to complete the 400-meter steeplechase in one and a half minutes, while Falcon Commando raised their requirement by cutting down another fifteen seconds. Fifteen seconds could be the difference between life and death in a real battle.

"Do you really believe that person like him would do something like that?"

A voice came from behind. It was Garth.

Maggie knew what he was referring to even though she didn't turn around to look at him. However, even she wasn't sure of what to believe anymore. Could the rumors about Edgar be true? If she had been asked this question before she had encountered him with that woman, she would have answered without any hesitation. But now, she just wasn't sure what to think of him.

Garth stole a glance at Maggie. With a smile, he said, "I believe that he wouldn't."

While Maggie stared at him in curiosity, he withdrew his sight from her to look at Edgar. "A man who is willing to give his all to persuade an errant juvenile to take the right path, a man who is willing to take the blame for the sa

ie thought that Edgar would be present at their initiation to give them a welcome speech or to give them a hard warning on their first day of training. ·

Much to her disappointment, Edgar wasn't there. Instead, Daniel had taken charge.

"Excuse me, sir!"

Edith shouted, all of a sudden.

Turning his sight towards Edith, Daniel answered, "Yes?"

"Sir! Girls can't enter into the cold water during their periods, sir!"

Edith answered with a straight face, but her cheeks were burning red.

With a sneer, Daniel replied "Do you think your enemies care if you are on your periods or not?"

"No, sir!"

"Then get back to your position. You are a soldier of the Falcon Commando, irrespective of your gender. Understand?"

Daniel eyed the soldiers in front of him.

"Yes, sir!"

Edith felt distressed, as she felt like women were just made to suffer for the sake of men. She thought it was unfair that women in the army had to suffer a lot more than men did. However, this wasn't the time for her to complain or to feel sorry for herself. The training that followed had exhausted her completely, leaving her with no energy or strength to even think about anything else. She was tired.

Daniel deliberately didn't reduce the intensity of training for the day because of the four new comers, including two girls. The training went on as usual. As a result, the four students were all exhausted. As soon as Daniel declared that the training for the day was over, the four of them fell to the ground, gasping for air.

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