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   Chapter 1254 Extra Story 9 Of Edgar From Affection To Disgust

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"You must be crazy..."

Elijah shook his head and added, "Your idea is unrealistic. Do you think it's that easy to increase its effective range by five hundred meters? Five hundred meters instead of fifty meters would be a huge leap!"

"There are many things that people once thought was impossible that have now become a reality in this world."

The person who made this argument was Garth, not Maggie. Garth was a fan of all kinds of guns, especially sniper rifles. He had heard Maggie's plan and also believed that it was possible to achieve such a feat.

"Both of you are crazy!"

Elijah let out a sigh of helplessness. "But then again, this world is in the hands of young people like you," he added.

As he stood up, he looked at the time and said, "Let's go. It's time for lunch. I've heard that our captain will come to the dining hall today."

"Oh, really?"

Surprised to hear the good news, Edith couldn't help but let out a small scream of excitement.

Everyone in the room cast their eyes at her while Maggie's eyes had also lit up unnoticed by everyone.

Maggie looked around immediately and when she saw the expressions of expectation in everyone's eyes, she felt very bitter. 'Why are you all so excited to see the Captain? He is just a wolf in sheep's clothing!' she thought resentfully.

Maggie began tidying up the desk, while wrestling with her conflicting emotions. Then she went to the dining hall with her colleagues soon after. She tried to chat with Edith and Jake who both liked gossiping. But their topic of discussion only centered around Edgar, which made her uncomfortable.

"Hey, can we talk about something other than the Captain?"

Maggie wearily wiped a hand across her eyes and asked them pleadingly. She just couldn't bear to talk about him any more.

Jake shrugged and answered indifferently, "Maggie, we know that you don't like the Captain because of that self-criticism review, but Edith and I like him."

"Jake, watch what you say if you don'

eeting room became serious while the people waiting outside were nervous too. Depressed, Daniel and Cathy were looking at the five soldiers standing in the corner with heads lowered. They were concerned for them too, but they couldn't do anything to help the situation.

These soldiers had been framed by their enemy while carrying out a mission. The consequence was that they not only lost their honor, they would also face the risk of being expelled from the army. The consequences could be even more far reaching and end with a trial in a military court.

Daniel could no longer restrain himself at the thought of it. He wanted to break into the meeting room but was stopped by Cathy. "Our captain hasn't come back yet. We should at least wait for him," Cathy persuaded him.

Daniel looked at Cathy and glared at those soldiers angrily. He finally managed to harden his heart and lock his emotions away, choosing to wait patiently.

It was absolutely torture for the people waiting outside as time passed at an excruciatingly slow pace for them. After a long while, the door of the meeting room finally opened. Cathy and Daniel jumped to attention immediately and saw that only Edgar had stepped out.

As Edgar closed the door, Daniel rushed forward. "Captain, what did the leader say to you?"

Daniel asked with concern.

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