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   Chapter 1253 Extra Story 8 Of Edgar From Affection To Disgust

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Updated: 2019-08-31 00:14

Only half of the page had been used after she rewrote it for the last time. She checked the time and made a decision. She decided to just use one page this time and it wasn't even fully used yet.


"Come in!" Edgar replied without raising his head. He was scribbling away at some papers on his desk.

Maggie stared down at the top of Edgar's head with contemptuous eyes as she walked up to his desk. She silently cursed at him in her mind, but said, "Sir, I have finished the review!"

Edgar didn't reply. Instead, he just continued writing. About five minutes later, he finally stopped. He checked the time first. It was 10:18. Then he raised his head to look at Maggie as she handed over the review.

Maggie was already prepared to see her review torn up again, as it seemed to be Edgar's new method of exacting his revenge on her. She had already begun to plot in her mind, scheming to write an anonymous letter to her father to sue Edgar.

"Okay, you can go now."


Maggie was busy plotting when she heard Edgar's surprising reply. She couldn't believe what she had just heard and looked at Edgar with disbelief in her eyes.

"What? Do you want to write it again?"

Edgar asked in a cold voice as he resumed writing at his desk.

Maggie's lips curled slightly and she stood up straight immediately. Then she answered, "No, sir!"

"Okay, you can go now," Edgar repeated indifferently.



"I don't understand... Why was my review accepted this time and not before?" Maggie was confused as to why Edgar tore up her previous reports without even reading them carefully, while this one, which was written arbitrarily, found acceptance so easily.

Edgar curled his lips into a cold smile and answered, "What I wanted wasn't a beautifully worded, meaningless report. I wanted something practical and meaningful."

He then raised the piece of paper she had submitted and added, "I'll keep this and see whether you can deliver on your promises."

Maggie was a stubborn girl. If someone showed any signs of looking down on her, she wouldn't spare any effort to prove her capability to him.

Elijah. She shrugged and answered, "Nothing. I was thinking about how to improve the direction of wind resistance on bullets during live fire."

Elijah was the vice commander of the Novel Warfare Strategy Brigade. He was more than thirty years old already, and had a rank of a captain. He had enrolled in the military academy shortly after joining the army. Because of his hard work and kind nature, all the members of the Novel Warfare Strategy Brigade liked him very much.

"Have you come up with a way to improve it?"

Elijah picked up the bullet from the desk with a curious expression and asked, "The effective range of this sniper rifle is no more than 1000 meters. If it is changed..." He paused and looked at Maggie with speculation.

"Then its effective range should be improved to at least 1500 meters," he added. Maggie arched her brow and replied, "I promise it will shoot through iron at 1500 meters."

Amazed by her confidence, Elijah's eyes widened in disbelief. "That's impossible!" he said.

"Do you think it's just a wild dream?" Maggie grinned and added, "I thought it impossible at first as well. But I believe that any difficulties can be overcome by human ingenuity." Her eyes lit up as she continued, "If I can change the bullet's trajectory deviation to improve its effective range, then... any sniper rifle's effective range can be increased. That will be an exciting leap towards progress."

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