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   Chapter 1252 Extra Story 7 Of Edgar From Affection To Disgust

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The Eagle Special Brigade was the best equipped regiment in the whole military region, so she didn't believe that the computer could have broken down on its own, or that there was a problem with the power supply. The only possible explanation for this accident must then be closely related to Edgar, who had just walked in.

Edgar slightly arched his brows and cast a negligent glance at the computer. Then he seemed to realize something and asked, "Are you questioning your leader? More precisely... Are you questioning your leader's integrity?"

'I don't think a man who forced himself on a woman at KTV is a gentleman, ' Maggie retorted mentally.

But aloud she answered in a stern tone, "Sir! I was just wondering if you had switched off the power supply. As for your integrity..." She paused for a moment and glanced at Edgar pointedly. "Sir, I have never doubted it!" she answered softly.

Edgar sneered, having noticed Maggie's disgust for him by her contemptuous expression, which meant that she was just mumbling platitudes to hide her true feelings. But he was still happy to see that Maggie was not reckless or arrogant enough to directly confront him anymore. He walked forward, casting a glimpse at the computer and looked into Maggie's eyes. "I switched off the power supply," he said indifferently. Looking at the anger which registered on Maggie's face, he added, "As a member of the Eagle Special Brigade, you must remain alert and be keen enough to achieve success no matter what the place or conditions are."

Maggie clenched her teeth in anger and twisted her hand into a fist without a conscious thought. She stared at Edgar and answered, "Yes, Sir! I will always remember the lesson you have just taught me."

Edgar nodded. Looking away from Maggie, he turned and was just about to leave when he abruptly stopped on his tracks, as if he had remembered something important. Instead of turning around to face Maggie, Edgar spoke over his shoulder in a tone heavy with intent. "Oh, one more thing, I almost forgot that I'm going to the X Amry tomorrow, so you must submit your self-criticism review before 10:30 this evening." He paused momentarily and added, "By the way, I don't like the smell of the printer's ink, so please wr

after quickly scanning it and asked her to write it again.

'Fine! I'd better grin and bear it!' Maggie said to herself.

Before long, she returned to her room and rewrote it. But it was torn up once again.


Maggie couldn't restrain her emotions any more. Although Edgar didn't reply to her, she glared at him and asked, "Are you punishing me because of yesterday's...?"

"Did I give you permission to speak?" Edgar interrupted her in an impatient tone. She bit her tongue at this cold rebuke, while Edgar said coldly, "Run 10 kilometers, now!"

It was already past 9 p.m. If Maggie were to start writing the review after running the 10 kilometers, it would be impossible for her to finish the review and submit it before 10:30. However, as a member of the army, she couldn't willfully disobey a direct order from her Captain.

"Yes, Sir!" she replied grinding her teeth in rage. As she finished running the distance, Maggie struggled to catch her breath. After glancing towards Edgar's office, where a light still glowed, she went back and rewrote her review.

Today was the first day for her and the other three to join this department, so their comrades were hosting a small party to celebrate and welcome them. They had also invited the other members of the Falcon Commando who had just finished today's training. But Maggie wouldn't be able to join them due to Edgar's unreasonable orders. Instead, she was going to spend the whole evening writing the self-criticism review.

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