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   Chapter 1251 Extra Story 6 Of Edgar Conflict

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6267

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"Cathy..." Garth read out from an article in his laptop, "instructor of the Novel Warfare Strategy Brigade, lieutenant colonel, graduated from..." All the detailed information of their instructor was available for them to read. He continued, "She married the captain of the Falcon Commando, Daniel Xia. They are deemed as the strongest military couple of this decade. She excels at warfare strategy, while he is a combat specialist. Together, they are invincible!"

"Argh!" Maggie roared in frustration, "Why are all the good men taken? Why do they have to disappoint me when I need them the most? Argh! This is so unfair. Fate is mocking me!"

Garth turned to Jake, who said jokingly, "Looks like Maggie had a crush on someone. Did he dump you?"

Maggie's face turned stiff. She glared at Jake and growled, "How dare you mock your senior officer? You are violating the rules!" Even though she was threatening him, it was obvious that she was just joking and having a fun conversation.

Garth smiled at Jake and drifted back to the previous topic. "Most of the wartime strategies in the army right now are Cathy's. A while back, I had participated in the international commando competition, and guess what? The team that won the final prize was also using the strategy devised by Cathy." When Garth talked about Cathy, his eyes were brimming with admiration and envy.

"Impressive research!"

They heard a neat voice from the doorway. Instantly, the four of them dropped whatever they had in their hands and stood up in attention, eyes fixed directly ahead of them. "Ma'am!"

Cathy was wearing her training uniform. With her lips curved up into a smile, she scanned the new young faces and said, "I am Cathy Xiang. In your time under my command, you will be learning a great deal from me. And of course, I would like to see you improve with time."

"Yes, ma'am!" t

or Edgar... How could she write a satisfactory apology letter without putting herself down?

Suddenly, she had an idea. With a sly grin, she started typing. Towards the end of the letter, a huge grin appeared on her face.


The moment she uttered the word, a light flashed on the screen.

And suddenly, the screen turned black. She whipped her head around and quickly checked the power source. The signal light was off. Immediately, the grin on her face turned into a grim frown.

"No! I haven't even printed it out yet!" Maggie roared angrily. The computers were all installed with an auto-delete system. Once they were shut down, all the previous data would be erased automatically. And hence... All her hard work had just disappeared into think air with that power failure.


On instinct, she stood up and answered without a conscious thought. "Yes, sir!"

Edgar glared at her. "Complete silence in the computer room. Got it?"

Maggie didn't reply, so Edgar raised his voice and ordered, "Did you hear what I said?"

Gritting her teeth, Maggie defiantly refused to answer the question. Then she did something which she would later regret. "Sir! I just want to know, are you the one who turned off the power?"

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