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   Chapter 1250 Extra Story 5 Of Edgar Conflict

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6405

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"Sir!" Maggie called after him.


Annoyed by Edgar's attitude, Maggie said, "It was a simple mistake. I don't know how to write an apology letter of 20, 000 words."

Edgar replied with a sneer, "That's your problem, not mine."

"But, sir…" Maggie tried to explain further, but was cut short by Edgar.


"Yes, sir!"

"Run five kilometers with 20 kilograms on your back!" Edgar said sternly, "If you still want to talk about this issue, you can look for me after you are done." After darting a cold glance at her, Edgar turned and strode away.

Maggie was infuriated. She clenched her fists until her knuckles turned pale.

Gordon Li thought to himself, 'What happened to the Captain? He is messing with Maggie.' "Well," he said to Maggie, "I guess you can start now. Your backpack should be about 20 kilograms. We will wait for you here until you finish."

The other three consoled Maggie and told her that they would wait as well. Maggie gritted her teeth and growled, "He saw my backpack and purposely wanted me to run with the weight." Frustrated, she turned to her friends and said, "You guys go to your rooms. I will meet you later." She winked and then added, "But you better wait for me before going to the canteen!"

Food took all priority. She laughed and waved at them. The four of them smiled helplessly. Without dragging her foot any further, Maggie started running. The camp ground was huge; the total circumference of it was about two kilometers. So, she had to take two and a half rounds to complete her punishment. On any other day, this would have been a piece a cake for her. But she hadn't fully recovered from her drunken night-out, and she had also run to the camp in the morning. Failing to keep herself properly hydrated, Maggie struggled to maintain her footing with the weight on her back, as if she would drop down and die any moment.

Edgar was standing n

n her."

Edgar said, "I will take care of Maggie."

"All right. I believe that you will. Thank you." Hana started to laugh slowly. "William doesn't want me to visit Maggie at the camp. He says that I shouldn't have such privileges. Oh, he is so stubborn. He..."

Edgar patiently listened to Hana's nagging. Ten minutes later, Hana realized that she had complained too much about William and she finally hung up.


Maggie swore to herself that she would never get drunk again. She couldn't believe that she was undergoing this embarrassment on her first day because of Edgar.

"Maggie, have some water." Edith handed her an army water bottle. "The squad leader was here just now. He said that the instructor who will be in charge of us will be here in ten minutes."

Maggie had the rank of a first lieutenant, Garth was a second lieutenant, while the other two hadn't received their ranks yet. However, when they graduate next year, they would at least be granted the rank of a second lieutenant. When she met the other soldiers in the troops, she felt like any of them could become the squad captain. In the Novel Warfare Strategy Brigade, the lowest ranked officer was a first lieutenant and the soldiers were all top students from different military schools.

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