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   Chapter 1249 Extra Story 4 Of Edgar Conflict

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Instantly, Maggie drew the attention of the crowd once again as they looked at her in confusion. After all, it was everyone's dream to a part of the Eagle Special Brigade. Not only was the brigade a stuff of legend in different commands, but it also had the most advanced technology in the army.

Cursing Edgar in her head, she stood at attention and bellowed, "Sir! It would be my honor!"

Edgar studied Maggie for a moment, his lips curling into a meaningful smile. Within just a few minutes, the brigadiers of the other two groups arrived. After they had taken the new recruits of their respective brigades under their wings, William ordered, "Edgar, please stay back. The others may leave."

After a round of salutations, the others walked out of the room. The two other groups followed their brigadiers while Maggie and the other three members of their group waited for Edgar outside.

They took this opportunity to introduce themselves. Since they were all quite young, they quickly got to know each other. However, they had strict rules in the army. A soldier with a higher rank had absolute power over a soldier with a lower rank. Based on that principle, Maggie was highly respected by the other members. Although she was only twenty-five years old, Maggie was already an outstanding student from the National Defense University. She had already finished her Master's degree and had attained the rank of a first lieutenant in the army.

While the four of them chatted in low voices, the atmosphere in William's office was dense.

"Maggie seems to dislike you." William eyed Edgar curiously. As a father, he could easily sense what was on his daughter's mind. Although there was a considerable age gap between William and his daughter, William wasn't too old to understand and mingle with younger people. Besides, William and his wife were very fond of Edgar. They believed that he was a decent and reliable man, capable of taking care of Maggie.

Edgar knew that Maggie was still thinking about the incident from the previous night. But since that was a personal issue, he didn't want to reveal it to William. "Sir, it's only normal for new recruits to behave defiantly. Moreover, she was late on her first day. Perhaps, she is feeling extra conscious a

scles rippled as he marched elegantly. She used to think that Edgar was very manly, but she realized that there were other tough men in the troops.

"That was the captain of the Falcon Commando—Daniel Xia," Edgar said coldly, noticing Maggie drooling over him. "You will be spending a lot of time with them. I'm hoping that you will be good enough to join the Falcon Commando in training." He intentionally paused to glance at Maggie and Edith. "By the way," he said with a smirk, "Daniel is married. His wife will be your instructor." He eyed Maggie, whose face had turned stiff, before he walked into the military camp.

Maggie and Edith were both upset to find that Daniel was already taken. Jake and Garth laughed at their folly, as the four of them followed Edgar into the camp. Edgar ordered Gordon to take them to the residential area. They were to rest for the day, and start their training with Cathy the next day. Their stay at the camp would last for at least one year or longer than that. Edgar was not in any hurry to break their spirits in intensive training yet because they had ample time to start from the basic drills.

Before leaving, Edgar turned to Maggie and reminded her to submit an apology letter for being late. On top of the 20, 000 words apology letter to be submitted to the senior military officer, she had to submit another one to him as well. And she wasn't allowed to use fancy words to make up for the word count. Everything she wrote was supposed to be simple and concise.

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