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   Chapter 1248 Extra Story 3 Of Edgar Affair

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5579

Updated: 2019-08-29 13:49

Maggie's eyes widened in horror, and the clock fell from her hand to the floor with a loud clanking noise. She held her head and growled in displeasure. This was the heavy price to pay for getting drunk.

Maggie, however, didn't have time to feel sorry for herself. She endured her headache and hurried to wash up. Then she put on her army uniform and ran downstairs hastily. She took a cab and headed to the S Army camp.

She had to register her name at the office of the senior military officer at ten o'clock, and after that it would take about two hours to reach the camp considering there was no traffic to worry about. It was seven o'clock now. And the cab wouldn't be allowed to go beyond the military headquarters gate. She would have to walk from the gate to Mr. Du's office, carrying a twenty kilogram luggage on her back. If she weren't hung-over, she could have made it in just forty minutes!

Maggie closed her eyes and earnestly prayed that there would be no traffic on the way there.

Unfortunately, her prayers had been in vain. There was only one road which led to the military headquarters and that was blocked because of some car accident. Maggie was enraged with herself and her luck.

She constantly checked her watch and realized that sitting around and waiting for impeding doom wasn't going help improve her situation. She paid for the cab and threw her luggage onto her back. Like a woman possessed, she ran in-between the cars, zigzagging along the way.

When she reached the other end of the road, Maggie took another cab. She was already too late.

Outside the corridor of the senior military's office, Maggie stood there restlessly

of the Eagle Special Brigade. But after what happened, she didn't want either of them to feel awkward, so she hoped to join some other brigade. But why was she the only one feeling awkward? Were her feelings misplaced? Or did Edgar have two faces?

"The third group," William said without putting much thought into it. "There are two girls in the group and it would be convenient for Cathy to take care of them."

Maggie screamed inside her head. 'No! Mr. Du, can't you see my saddened eyes? Mr. Du!"

William failed to notice Maggie's desperation, but Edgar did. He looked at the other four people in the third group. All of them seemed excited, except Maggie.

Edgar was a legend in the army and that was enough to attract them towards the Eagle Special Brigade. Furthermore, Cathy Xiang's new technology team was top-notch. They would surely learn a lot from being in that team.

Edgar walked towards the group and scanned the four pair of eyes looking at him curiously. Then he turned to Maggie who appeared to be terribly nervous and asked, "Do you not want to join the Eagle Special Brigade?


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