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   Chapter 1246 Extra Story 1 Of Edgar Affair

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7473

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"Oh Maggie, we will get separated tomorrow. Ah! Please don't forget that my feelings for you is higher than the sky and deeper than the sea. I love you, even more than I can put into words."

At the top-class VIP room of the most luxurious entertainment center in M City, 'Living In Cloud, ' a man was singing the song, "More Than I Can Say", after he expressed his love to Maggie. Unfortunately, his shrill, discordant voice butchered the song and was incredibly unpleasant to the ears of the listeners.

"Maggie, now do you know how I feel about you?" The man continued to disgust everybody with his singing.

Maggie Du spat the straw out of her mouth and nodded. "Yes, I know. And it makes me want to throw up! Excuse me, people. I have to go to the washroom." She stood up to walk to the washroom, barely managing to restrain herself from bursting out laughing. Suddenly, the jeering laughter of everyone else in the room filled the air, and that man turned to Maggie with a sore aggrieved face.

"Maggie... You have broken my heart..."


Maggie laughed artificially and closed the door behind her. This was the best entertainment center in M City, with top-level facilities and state-of-the-art sound-proof system. Before Maggie had closed the door, the music was blaring out of the VIP Room, but shortly afterwards, she could only hear the soft, muted music in the corridor.

Maggie looked around the long corridor, feeling a bit light-headed from the two glasses of wine earlier on. She walked to the end of the corridor, swaying a little. After tonight, all of them would be allocated to different rural areas all over the country and there were no certainties as to when they would see each other in the same army regiment again. Since they would all go their separate ways, a few of them suggested that they go out and have some fun. Maggie had drunk one too many glasses of wine and this time even an entire tub of yoghurt wasn't going to help her recover.

"Excuse me," Maggie shook her heavy head and asked a waiter, "where is the washroom?"

The waiter pointed ahead with a polite smile. "Turn right at the exit passageway in the front and walk to the end."

Maggie nodded. "Thanks." She walked towar


Maggie pointed at the woman and stammered, "You… She said you were… Uh..." At first, she couldn't find the right words to confront him. Finally, she put her foot down and said, "You're having an illicit affair."

The man raised an eyebrow at her naivety and then laughed her off like she was nothing. Pretending to be serious again, he said, "Hmm. You express your grievances to the senior military officer tomorrow." Then, as he looked away from her, he bluntly stated, "Don't forget to close the door behind you."

Maggie was so angry that she had completely forgotten that the woman actually accused him of raping her. With a loud bang, she slammed the door shut before walking away.

"Why don't we just sit and have a normal conversation instead of resorting to force? Could you please get off of me now?" The woman gave up struggling and winked at him with her enchanting eyes. "I don't mind being bullied by you like this, but you have sacrificed so much today."

He ignored the woman's tantalizing words and pressed the intercom to his ear. "Ghost is under control. Over." After listening to the response from the other end, he clicked on the intercom once again and pulled the woman up. He threw her onto the couch and declared, "I need results. I don't care how I get them."

The woman laughed with an unearthly charm. "I like you..."

"Unfortunately, I'm straight."

The woman's lips trembled. "Who are you? Perhaps, we could grab a drink together sometime."

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