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   Chapter 1245 Extra Story 135 Of Charlie The End And The Start

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The young man smiled. Shrugging, he replied, "How would I know?"

The manager rolled his eyes. "Sir, please don't tease me. I will treat you to dinner afterwards. Please tell me what he wanted me to do."

"Pipe Organ Bay," the young man said with a grin. It was one of the most luxurious restaurants in the city.

The manager whined, "Oh my goodness..."

"Fine, I'm leaving." He got up from his seat and turned to leave.

The manager pulled him back and pleaded, "Alright. Please don't go." Clenching his teeth, he said, "Fine. Pipe Organ Bay. Just tell me!"

The man smiled and turned his head to the manager. "Charlie will not be able to make it to this meeting with the success he has right now. He has to make some real progress. So, what is the biggest shortcoming of DSS series right now?"

"What is it?" the manager asked, staring at the man blankly. He had inspected the phone himself, but he couldn't think of any shortcoming.

The young man rolled his eyes again, ridiculing the manager's ignorance. He continued to explain, "To be able to support larger games and applications, the phone would need a more powerful processor. But, it is a technical issue that can't be solved overnight. Naturally, he would think of the Z series processor." The moment he finished, the manager's eyes gleamed with realization. Smirking, the young man strode out of the meeting room.

For Charlie, a computer science genius, it wouldn't be hard to construct a powerful processor, but it would take a long time to test and manufacture. He didn't want to wait that long.

Moreover, in essence, Dragon was still part of the Dragon Empire Group. As a member of the Long Family and a candidate for the Ruler of the Dragon Empire Group, he surely wouldn't completely detach Dragon from the Dragon Empire Group. The competition between the Z series and the Z-DSS series was a stimulus for them to improve, but since they belonged to the same business body, cooperation between the two was inevitable.

A few years later, when the Z-DSS3 was released, the Z Dream series was released simultaneously. The two series established a monopoly in the hand phone market—Z-DSS, targeting the middle and lower class, and Z series targeting the upper class.

During the celebration banquet, the CEO of the Dragon Empire Group praised the two series in his speech. This laid the foundation to the long-term co-operation between his two sons, and also showed the importance of Dragon in the Dragon Empire Group.

For the banquet, Elsa was wearing a simple white gown. In the past, she would have been shy and reserved, but now, she was Mrs. Long. She elegantly attended all official occasions with Charlie Long.

Elsa's eyes were filled with pride and love as she watched Charlie giving his speech. It had been five years since they had established their relationship, but the love in their eyes had only grown through the years.

"I thought Ann was coming as well?" Olivia was wearing a sapphire skin-tight dress. Holding her glass of c

or nervously, "Doctor, how is my wife?"

The doctor pulled down his mask and replied, "Mrs. Long is fine. She just tripped and fell. But I gave her a thorough check-up. The baby is fine. It is nothing serious. She just needs to get some good rest tonight."

After Charlie heard that Elsa was fine, he felt so relieved that he didn't really pay any attention to what the doctor had said after that. But after a moment, he raised his head to look at the doctor, with a blank expression on his face.

"Did you just say 'baby'? Is she—? Is she pregnant?"

The doctor nodded with a smile. "Yes. She is pregnant. Almost two months."

Charlie couldn't describe the feelings that were surging through him at that moment. He was surprised, excited, afraid, anxious and even grateful. He walked into the emergency room immediately. He didn't know how to accept this sudden surprise in his life. A contented grin appeared on his thin lips when he gazed at his dear wife,.

Elsa, though, wasn't as exhilarated as Charlie. Biting her lip, she mumbled, "I— I am pregnant."

"I know," Charlie nodded happily.

Biting her lip again, she asked, "Charlie... Can we keep the baby?" She raised her head, and saw that Charlie's face had suddenly turned stiff. Fearing that he might not want the baby, she stuttered, "I— I— Evelyn is already having her second baby... I— Charlie, I want a baby too."

Charlie felt like crying and he remembered what Ezra had told him earlier. He felt heartbroken. Scooping her into his arms, he said, "Silly Little Bun, this is our baby. Of course, we will keep the baby."

Elsa's eyes turned hazy and she hugged him back gratefully. Tears fell down her face, but she smiled through it. "I thought you didn't want a baby. When the doctor told me that I am pregnant, I was really excited. But I was also scared that you wouldn't want this baby."

Tears swam to the surface of Charlie's eyes as well. Lips curling into a wide smile, he said, "I want everything you grant me with. Everything."

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