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   Chapter 1244 Extra Story 134 Of Charlie The End And The Start

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"Charlie Long..." Allen squeezed the words out from between his clenched teeth. His eyes were filled with hatred, he was like a beast that was preparing to pounce on its prey.

"Charlie..." Elsa fell into his embrace. The emotions that she had tried so hard to suppress burst out.

"I'm sorry, Little Bun." Charlie didn't even look at Allen. He kissed gently on Elsa's sweaty forehead and apologized again, "I should have been there to protect you. This is my fault."

She trembled and cried uncontrollably. Burying her head into Charlie's chest, she trembled, so afraid that she would never be able to see him again. She didn't want to leave his side, ever.

While softly patting Elsa on her back to solace her, Charlie darted a fierce glance at Allen. "You will pay for this dearly." He paused for a brief moment. "Cyan," he ordered, "make sure that this man never appears in front of Elsa again. I don't care what you do."

"Yes, Young Master!" Cyan appeared slowly from the dark, casting a cool glance at Allen. As Charlie hugged Elsa and lifted her up in his arms, Allen tried to rush towards them. But before he could reach them, Cyan blocked his path with ease and round-kicked him in the stomach. Allen collapsed, his body curling in pain.

"What is Cyan going to do with Allen?" Elsa asked, tears still streaming down her face.

"He is just making sure Allen understands that he shouldn't lay his hands on the one he shouldn't touch." The answer seemed simple. However, the truth was that both of Allen's hands were so badly injured that he was never able to use his hands anymore. He had to use all his strength from both his hands just to lift a cup of water.

After that incident, Allen's life was a complete misery. He got drunk in a bar and fought a delinquent. He was almost beaten to death. Luckily for him, Rita happened to pass by and was kind enough to save him. If it weren't for her, he would probably have died that day.

That was Allen's life towards the end. At this stage, Elsa couldn't have imagined such an end for him, nor was she told about it in the future. Under Charlie's protection, Elsa was shielded from anything that could possibly hurt her.

Time elapsed quickly. Before anyone realized, months had passed and it was summer, the next year. A mild sense of

nd phone industry so far. "Dragon is developing really fast. If the current trend continues, within one year, they will be attending this meeting instead of you."

The members of the Z-series department looked down in shame. The department manager cautiously said, "The Z-DSS series targets the middle and lower class. Plus, the phones have the Dragon game pre-installed, so..." His voice trailed off. Perhaps, he found his excuse unconvincing.

Addison thought for a while and then ordered, "Talk to the people of Dragon.

Ask them for the right to pre-install Dragon in the Z series as well." The manager of Z-series department twitched his lips, then said, "Sir, I have already communicated with them. Mr. Charlie Long wants the rights to the processor of the Z series in exchange."

"Is that so?" Addison smiled. "Do you want me to take over the communication with them?"

The manager immediately shook his head. "No, sir! I'll do it myself." He swallowed his saliva anxiously, pondering what Addison had meant by that.

After Addison gave a few more orders to those present, the revenue target for the Dragon Empire Group's next season was set. Some of them were very excited about the future prospects, while the manager of the Z-series department was at a complete loss.

"Sir?" After Addison had left the meeting hall, the manager of the Z-series department walked to a young man, the deputy CEO of the Dragon Empire Group. "What do you think Mr. Addison Long meant? Does he want me to agree to their terms or not?"

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