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   Chapter 1243 Extra Story 133 Of Charlie The End And The Start

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7303

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"Allen, what are you doing?" Allen's murky face frightened Elsa.

In the past, Allen was one of the celebrities in their school. He was handsome, wealthy, easy-going. But now, he was a completely different picture. His hair was a mess like a bird's nest, his face unshaven. His clothes seemed as though they hadn't been changed in days.

Allen tied Elsa's hands to her back and leaned against the wall, keeping his dreary eyes on her. The boyish charm had completely disappeared from his face. He was someone else now. He lit a cigarette and inhaled deeply. Eyes seething with hatred, he questioned her back, "What am I doing?" He jeered, "Elsa, how could you ask me that?"

Never had Elsa seen this side of Allen. She was so terrified that she didn't dare blink. Gulping nervously, she stuttered, "Allen, let... let me go. Can we talk this through?"

"Wow," Allen sneered, "talk this through... Interesting. What do you want to talk about?" He clenched his teeth and yelled at her, "What is there for us to talk about?!" He threw the cigarette down and started stomping at it fiercely with a murderous expression on his face.

The violent aura surrounding Allen intensified Elsa's fear. Suppressing the terror, she mustered all her courage and said, "Untie me, Allen. Why... Why can't we talk?" Her breath hitched and she pleaded, "Allen, what happened to you? How can I help you? Can you untie my hands first? Please?"

But no matter how much she pleaded, Allen turned a deaf ear towards her. Darkness had taken over him and there was a dangerous light in his eyes. In the dim-lit space, he looked like a devil.

Elsa almost cried out. Even though she had been really close to Charlie who seemed capable of doing anything, she wasn't someone who could easily deal with difficult situations. This was the first time she was in such a dire place. Her brain showed her all sorts of catastrophic climax this scene could have. The more she thought about it, the more terror-stricken she became.

Allen saw Elsa's body curl up under his stare. He let out a scoff and asked with an evil smirk, "What? Are you expecting Charlie to come save you?" From Elsa's facial expression, he

He tried to call her several times, but her phone was turned off. His anxiety heightened. Even though he had some important matters to handle, his mind was in such a mess that he couldn't do anything productive.

In the end, he went to the school area to look for Elsa, but she wasn't there either. But he did find something important. On the road from the library to the student hall, he found Elsa's book. Charlie didn't know whether to be grateful to his instinct for danger or to his familiarity with Elsa which guided him onto the road she would have taken to go back to her hall. His heart rate spiked when he found out that she was in danger. What if he was too late already? What if he didn't make it in time?

He didn't want to think about the worst outcome, but it haunted him. He cursed himself for being too engrossed in his own work that he hadn't paid any attention to her. When he finally found her on the floor, with her hands tied to her back, tears flowing down her scared face, he was—at first—relieved to see her unhurt. And a second later, a murderous aura took over his entire body. He looked at Allen with his cold eyes.

"Allen, you have now completely erased yourself from Elsa's heart. Should I thank you or mock you for your stupidity?" Charlie's aura as so pressing that Allen was petrified. It was only after Charlie had pulled Elsa to her feet and untied the knot behind her back that Allen finally regained his wits.

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