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   Chapter 1242 Extra Story 132 Of Charlie Surprise At Night

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Back to the dormitory, Elsa called Charlie. As soon as he heard the Little Bun say that she would not come during the coming weekend, Charlie slumped on the sofa. In front of him were all kinds of data graphs and sheets, all placed in a disorderly manner. "I'm too tired, I thought that I would have an excuse to have a rest when you come," he said.

Hearing that, Elsa was annoyed. "Have you ever had a rest when I went there?" she asked angrily and discontentedly.

With a smirk, Charlie answered, "I did that in order to remove the fatigue of my soul. When my soul stops feeling tired, my body would certainly be full of energy again."

"That's nonsense," Elsa declared with a discontented snort.

However, in the end, Elsa went to visit him at the villa after he'd tried all of his tactic—both aggressive and passive to persuade her to come over. Finally, things were different this time. The difference was not that the house was messier than before. The real difference was that this time Charlie was so anxious that he omitted the foreplay. As soon as Elsa entered the house, he pressed her against the door and solved his desire immediately. Since he lost control of himself as a result of anxiety, the first round came to an end before Elsa's passion was aroused.

"Evelyn said that Ezra has had some tonifying soups recently," the Little Bun said in his ear, which at that moment, did not sound appropriate. "Do you need some?"

"..." Charlie was speechless. Angrily, he pulled her away from the door and pressed her against a table by the side. He kept having her until the Little Bun could not bear it anymore. It was not until she required him to stop that he asked, "Do you still think I need to tonify kidney? It's Ezra who would suffer kidney deficiency. That will never happen to me. Understand?" After saying that, he turned her around and made her bend over the table. This time he entered her from behin

ad, Elsa reminded him to have meals three times a day, while he said good night to her every evening.

Sitting in a reading room of the university library, Elsa turned her head to look out of the window at the dim light from the street lamps around campus. Gradually, she felt like Charlie's face appeared in front of her eyes.

"What are you thinking about? Don't forget that you said you will perform better in the final examination of the semester than last time."

Elsa smiled when the image of Charlie told her these things. If anyone present was watching her, she would have seemed absent-minded or lost in thought. The image of Charlie winked at her before disappearing, and Elsa got up to gather her books and walked out of the library.

The moonlight was charming and it was quiet everywhere since it was very late now.

With Charlie in her mind, Elsa walked happily. However, gradually she felt somewhat uneasy. Then she slowed down in her tracks. Finally, she stopped her footsteps and turned around.

"Ah!" Elsa screamed when she saw somebody appear behind her, though she had sensed she was tailed after for a while. Scared, the books fell from her hands, scattering on the ground. A gust of wind blew, opening the books. However, Elsa was no longer there.


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