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   Chapter 1241 Extra Story 131 Of Charlie Surprise At Night

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Hearing Elsa's answer, Charlie felt truly happy. "Then I'm going to give you a label that belongs only to me. Are you willing to accept that?"

"What's that?" Elsa asked.

"Have you paid attention to the ring around my mom's finger?" Charlie asked her instead of answering her.

With a nod, Elsa said, "Yeah, though I didn't observe it carefully. As far as I can remember, there is a very special diamond in it."

"I will give you one of the same kind," Charlie said, stopping in his tracks and turning to gaze at Elsa. "That is the Soul of K, something that symbolizes my soul. You will take care of it for me from today." He paused, then fixed his eyes on Elsa, his eyes filled with love. He continued, "It is more than a jewelry. It is my heart."

Upon hearing all he said, Elsa felt heavy in her heart, despite her true happiness. When she saw that the Soul of K was fed by Charlie's blood, she was too astonished to say a word.

"It'll be a little painful...please endure it..." Sean said before he suddenly grasped Elsa's finger and cut it slightly with a dagger. Elsa screamed in great shock. Then she found her blood from the cut in her finger flew into another black diamond. In an instant, it seemed like something was moving in the center of the black diamond.

Sean put the black diamond, which contained Elsa's blood, into Charlie's left ear. Charlie picked up a red diamond, which contained his blood, and placed it into a special gun.

"It will hurt badly..." Charlie said in a very low voice. "Although you will wear it by getting your ear pierced, it will be different from when you'd wear normal earrings."

Elsa hadn't noticed Charlie was hurt just now when he put on the black diamond, but she knew that he would not lie to her at the moment. She thought that maybe he just hadn't revealed the pain. "I can endure the pain," she said. If she refused to wear the diamond due to the fear of pain, how could she stay with him and accompany him for a lifetime?

Seeing the deter

at Ann said, Elsa blushed. "What are you talking about, Ann?!"

"What did I say?" Ann asked curiously, taking on an innocent look and glancing at Elsa. "What do you think I'm talking about?" Seeing that Elsa's face was getting redder and redder, she gave her a wink. "Ah... Let me guess. Is there somebody who takes my words in a wrong way ?"

"I...I'm going back to the dormitory," Elsa mumbled. Blushing more, she held her books and strode out of the classroom in a hurry without caring about anything else.

As she receded into the distance, Ann started to laugh so much that she couldn't stand straight anymore. The other students in the room all exchanged looks, wondering what had just transpired in front of them.

Truly, Charlie was very busy. Just as Elsa said, if she went to the villa of the Long Family, Charlie would put aside everything, no matter how important it was, and fuss over the Little Bun in order to settle his lovesickness. For a young man in the green, if he had never tasted love making, he would only satisfy his desire by imagination. It was not comfortable to solve the problem by himself. However, if he had once tasted how it felt to have sex, his heart would always be fluttering and he would always want to have sex again and again and again. His desire could no longer be satisfied by his hands.

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