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   Chapter 1240 Extra Story 130 Of Charlie Surprise At Night

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A smile formed at the corner of Ezra's lips as he gazed at the beautiful sight in front of him; when he saw Evelyn looking at him, he began to play his violin and then parted his lips to sing a song.

"A groovy kind of love...When I'm feeling blue, all I have to do

is take a look at you, then I'm not so blue. When you're close to me, I can feel your heart beat, can hear you breathing near my ear..."

Ezra sang the song "A Groovy Kind of Love" and in his majestic, hoarse voice. The melody became especially enchanting and moving. Soon, tears welled up in Evelyn's eyes. She was smiling faintly and she stood still as if in a trance or under the spell of the music.

As Ezra finished singing, Evelyn smiled and then wiped her eyes, sniffling. Then she exclaimed, "Ezra Zhou, are you sure that the love between you and me is so groovy?"

At her question, Ezra frowned and then handed the violin to someone else. He descended the steps to stand in front of Evelyn. "Don't you think it is groovy?" he asked.

Evelyn was smiling happily, but she raised an eyebrow at him. "I don't think I love you."

"..." Ezra was speechless and his facial expression seemed to be frozen momentarily. The corners of his mouth began twitching. Gritting his teeth, he asked her, "Evelyn, are you really a woman? For you, romance doesn't work!" Ezra could not be angrier. He'd been very busy the past few days and thus hadn't had much time to be with her. Afraid that Evelyn would be upset with him, he was racking his brain for ideas on how to make it up to her and to keep her happy. However, Evelyn didn't seem to appreciate anything that he did. He eventually concluded that because she was a tough girl, he wasn't about to be soft in any way towards her.

Seeing how angry Ezra was, Evelyn burst into laughter all of a sudden.

Ezra was beginning to think that he just might die an early death if he stayed with Evelyn because his heart had to bear her torturous behavior towards him. There was only so much his heart could handle. However, he could not help but like this feeling. He liked to see Evelyn laugh and pretend to be angry.

"If you go on laughing, I will kiss you... Wow..." Ezra didn't finish hi

hings about XK Intelligence Agency Sean talked about. Of course, what she heard was only the superficial information about XK Intelligence Agency. Sean would not tell her anything beyond that.

The barbecue started from the afternoon and continued to the evening. They didn't stop roasting and eating food until Elsa's belly was visibly like a ball.

"I'm going to prepare," Sean said, standing up and leaving the table. "You take Elsa to have a walk so as to help digestion. See you later at the stronghold."

"Okay!" Charlie answered. Then he pulled Elsa up her foot. They went to take a walk together.

"What were you talking about just now?" Elsa asked out of curiosity.

Charlie looked at Elsa. Without looking away, he asked, "Elsa, are you sure that you won't leave me all your lifetime under the condition that I'm sure I can love you all my lifetime?"

"Of course..." Elsa pursed her lips into a smile. "Where could I find another husband who is as handsome, wealthy and considerate as you? I must always have you! Even if you wanted me to go, I won't leave you." Since she had heard the love stories of Richie and Shirley as well as Brian and Molly, Elsa had thought that she should tightly grasp the happiness between her and Charlie. She didn't want Charlie to suffer the same pains as his grandfather or his father. If they would finally get together after taking a long roundabout way, she would rather stick to the result from the very beginning.

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